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Sunday, September 19, 2010

TFC steal one

The ancient rivals Liverpool and Manchester United will get it on this morning at 8:30 at Old Trafford. I've got a feeling United run wild, though Fernando Torres has ripped United apart in recent games.

Toronto FC stole three points last night in Houston with two goals from Dwayne DeRosario in the last 30 minutes, the second in the last minute of the game.  Massive win.

Joe Torre announced he won't return as the LA Dodgers manager next year. I'm sure the money troubled, sub-.500 Dodgers are real sour about having to replace him with the far cheaper Don Mattingly next year.

Your Prime Time Pick (3-0, +$300) for tonight is the New York Giants +5.  And if I like it at +5, I like the +9.5 one of my buddies gave me last night even more!  MZ, you're gonna hurt.

Kurt Warner had a higher quarterback ranking than Joe Montana. True story.

If you don't dial in to the Jim Rome Show daily, or aren't a Jungle Insider like yours truly, be sure to tune into TSN2 weekdays for Jim Rome is Burning. It doesn't have the comedy so much, and no clones obviously, but a quick look at his main takes of the day.

Love that the day after Jose Bautista sets the Toronto Blue Jays single season homer record on Friday, the cover of the Toronto Star sports section is filled with an article on Toronto Maple Leaf Phil Kessel showing up to camp - gasp! - in shape. Bautista was relegated to the inside. Shame.

Caught ESPN's 30 for 30 on Michael Jordan. What were the odds that when he rounded the bases after his first home run, the two guys greeting him at the plate wore #8 and #13, and his dad died on August 13th (8th month, 13th day). Why I notice stuff like that is beyond me.

Have a great Sunday.


gbvh said...

Unfortunately, T.O. is still five points behind ... and have played more games. Tough sledding.

R4L said...

And Carson Palmer and Chad Pennington have a better career passer rating than Dan Marino.

Almost everyone on the QB rating list has played in the past ten years of the game. The passing game has changed since Steve Young entered the game.

Before it was ok if you had a low completion percentage and threw interceptions. Now, accuracy trumps everything.

Anonymous said...

bautista is relegated to the inside because baseball is not relevant.

gbvh said...

Not relevant?
What are you, like, 12?

As far as sports go, I hate hockey and football. Doesn't mean they're not relevant though.
Sheesh ...