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Friday, August 13, 2010

Something wrong with this picture...

Good of the NHL to take the Prince of Wales Trophy and engrave "Washington Capitals" on it instead of "Chicago Blackhawks", particularly when the Capitals, unless they're moving to the Western Conference, can't win the Wales trophy. That, and the Blackhawks did.
As painful as it'll be if he actually does win, I hope Tiger Woods does so we no longer have to hear the arm chair psychologists offer suggestions as to what he should do with his playing career and life. The guy is ending up a sympathetic character.

Crazy read on MLS goalie Jimmy Nielsen of the Kansas City Wizards, who had/has a severe gambling problem. Severe enough to put a bookie out of work.  Oh, and he still wagers occasionally.

Germany went a different route in planning for England at the World Cup in South Africa. They had a group of 55 students at the Sports University in Cologne - I think I might go back to school now! - study how England played and determined it was better to play long and quick passes than their typical shorter and quick passing game. If you recall how they took them apart, they followed the plan to the letter. Incredible read here. 

The English Premier League starts tomorrow and it is shaping up to be a killer season. I'm going to pick Manchester United to win a record 19th title, with the top five rounded out - in order - by Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea. Yep, I'm feeling like the champions will slip to fifth. My hate is bold.

Hard to believe, but it is 16 years since to the day that it was announced that the MLB season for 1994 would not be completed.  Not announced that day was that it would begin the death spiral of the Montreal Expos.

Check out this clip of a guy calling 911 for a ride to the liquor store. Incredible.

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ts said...

those germans are so smart!