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Monday, August 9, 2010

Guess who's back in circulation?

If you watched last night's Hall of Fame game beyond the first series, you have issues. The Dallas Cowboys downed the Cincinnati Bengals 16-7, but really, it was 3-0 if the only real part of the game is considered. And for this people pay regular season prices.  Lame.

Boston Red Sox starter Josh Beckett has made four starts this year against the New York Yankees and lasted exactly 4.2IP in three of them.  The Yanks now lead the AL East by 2.5 games after beating Boston 7-2 while the second place Tampa Bay Rays were getting swept in Toronto on the strength of an impressive 17k, one-out-short-of-a-no-hitter effort from Brendon Morrow, who might've had it if Aaron Hill makes a play. Funny hearing some Jays fans protest it was Error Hill led by the plank that is Sam Consentino. It wasn't. Period. Former Toronto Star journo Dave Perkins was the official scorer, his first series in that role. Shame with one of the best team's in baseball visiting only 24,000 were in attendance.

Emmitt Smith went out of body for his 24 minute, no notes or teleprompter speech at the Football Hall of Fame inductions on Saturday. His only mistake was a bush league move by him for not mentioning Florida, where he starred before moving to the NFL, though he later called it a mistake which sounds unlikely given his rocky history since leaving as a junior.  Emmitt reverted to old form at half-time of last night's game with a series of crimes against speech. Check this out.

Tiger Woods finished an 18 over par at a tournament he's won over a handful of times in the past.  Ouch.

Chad Ochocinco wonders - rightly - why he and Terrell Owens are depicted as bad guys and pub hounds, but OHB is deified and continually pulls the same shtick.  He's not to the degree he used to be, but he doesn't get routinely hammered like T-Ocho do.

Just days away from kicking off what should be a fantastic English Premier League season with Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester City and Aston Villa all set to make noise at the top.  Man U beat Chelsea 3-1 in yesterday's Community Shield, the unofficial start to the year.

Toronto FC picked up a big three points Saturday with a 2-1 win over Chivas USA.  With mostly road games left, they're going to need to find some magic away from home if they're to make the playoffs.

If I recall, we were mid-baseball bashing a week and change ago when vacation time hit, so I'll pick that up today in the comments section.  Feel free to join.  GBVH fired up a great hockey one too I'll post over tomorrow to carry on.  Participating is a good idea.

CFL touchdown celebrations are taking on a soccer feel.  Nice work here.


Joe said...

There are some incredibly inept baseball fans out there for thinking Hill should've been charged with an error.

TB said...

-pitchers "hitting". It is a shock when they do anything. Gimme more runs from a guy who is there to hit. I do accept the Jays Adam Lind is paid to hit, he just doesn't.
-mound visits. What's the point? Throw the ball til you're taken out. End of.
-God Bless America in the 7th, and anthems in general at games. Tired, and of a different era. Save them for internationals.
-batters stepping out of the box. Step out and it should be a strike
-arguing calls like it will make a difference, or think it doesn't make you look like a clown
-Bud Selig. Just seems far too clueless to be making 7 figures.
-the "in the vicinity" swipe of 2nd when turning two. Make them touch it, or it isn't a double play
-charging the mound. That's going off the baseline and an out. See ya.
-throwing at a guy, particularly above the head
-Red Sox and Phillies fans.
-the ridiculously late start times in the World Series. You're losing any shot at a young audience, Baseball.
-calling a champion a "World Champion" when there are only teams in the US. ;)

Joe said...

Jonathan Papelbon.
Joe West.
Jonathan Papelbon.

gbvh said...

the one man u goal (second one, i think?) was hilarious.

i'm so sick of the Fox Soccer Report on Fox Sports World Canada pimping all of these games they're showing live ... and only about 10 per cent of them are shown up here.