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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

$20 million to OHB?

Hard not to love the Sports Pickle in general, but when they produce fine work like at right, it is damn near impossible.  Speaking of the OHB, Jay Glazer at Fox Sports looks at why he went from out last week to now reconsidering it.  Let's just say if he had Terrell Owens old P.R. hack, she'd be saying he may have $7 million more reasons to come back this year, on top of the $13 million he'd be scheduled for.  $20 million?  At least he's not holding the Vikes hostage.  Worst guy in sports.

Well at least this one is new.  Houston Texan Brian Cushing, under suspension for a failed drug test, says the elevated testosterone levels he showed when tested are the result of Overtraining Syndrome, which does actually exist according to some researchers.  How is he going to explain the New Jersey locals who have talked of how he routinely blows up every summer for the last decade or so?  Bonus points for "not knowingly" at least.  Then again, it is the NFL and it'll be forgotten before his suspension is even done.

Here's a solid idea: MLB is going to start its 2011 season on a Friday, and more importantly, not have it end past October.

Interesting article from Joel Sherman at the New York Post on how a pre-game conversation with Alex Rodriguez the day he hit #600 helped A-Rod out.  The cool part: it is about Wayne Gretzky.

Good God, Leafs Fan, the potential move of Tomas Kaberle is hardly sea changing for the NHL or your team.  Cool it with the ridiculous scenarios already.

ESPN SoccerNet has a great transfer rumors blog running that is updated constantly through the day.  Get your fill here.

Not sure I'll hear anything more ridiculous this year than the owner of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, whose name escapes me - which is fitting - threaten to move the team from Hamilton if they don't get a new stadium.  Where are they going to go to?  Ottawa Halifax?  Not sure there are any CFL-ready stadiums in this fair land, nevermind in cities clamoring to get in the league.  Maybe he should threaten Phoenix?  That'd be at least funny.

It warms the cockles of my heart to hear from Didier Drogba that he doesn't think Chelsea are ready to defend their English Premier League title this year.  Methinks DD is right.

In the comments section today, it is hockey's turn to take a fisting, with GHVH's epic blast from a couple weeks back set to be copied over to lead the charge.  Feel free to join in on the fun.  Up tomorrow is one that ought to inspire strong feelings: soccer.

A flight attendant on JetBlue asked a passenger to sit down just after a plane landed and the passenger started grabbing her bags.  When he approached, the passenger cracked him in the head and cursed him some more.  His reaction?  He got on the P.A. and cursed everybody out, grabbed a few beers and dropped the emergency slide out of the door and slid off.  Now that is a walk-off shot.

Speaking of headshots, best concert headshot comes to the mellon of Justin Bieber.  This is awesome.


TB said...

gbvh said...


-- that 90 per cent of goals are flukes
-- that pierre macguire believes every single hockey goal can be explained by physics. these explanations come 1.5 seconds after the puck went in.
-- that the goalies are bigger than the nets
-- the silly scrums after almost every whistle
-- that a team with a guy in the penalty box is allowed (i mean encouraged) to "ice" the puck without consequence
-- fighting
-- the kick-it-around-in-the-corner moves. fun times.
-- tv timeouts
-- the ridiculous length of the schedule
-- hockey in june
-- hockey in may
-- that players, for the most part, have no respect for each other
-- overtime in regular season games
-- penalty shots
-- ticket prices
-- too many teams
-- the brute jock factor
-- that an NHL calibre-goalie, apparently, isn't supposed to let in a shot while standing up and in position.. unless he is screened
-- two intermissions
-- the meatheads
-- the kipper
-- grapes
-- pierre
-- that canada gets so wound up about winning gold when gold in hockey is pretty much being the best of five or six team. the world's tallest midget. party on.
-- officials constantly waving out guys from the face-off circle. get on with it already.
-- the whole "play the body" mentality that kills the potential finesse of the game.

TB said...


-the trade deadline. We really need to wipe out entire forests and fill the airwaves with Bob Mackenzie and Nick Kypreos checking their BlackBerries on TV.
-the will-we-or-won't-we approach to the Olympics. Get in and shut the fuck up about it. The players want to do it. End of.
-Hockey Fan pretending the NHL is a big deal south of the border. Pockets of interest, just.
-that owners can't figure out players being far larger than decades ago with far bigger equipment has slowed the game down. Maybe mix in larger ice?
-"the code"
-TV timeouts at games. Painful watching guys work on their figure skating compulsories while waiting
-Leafs Fan. The WORST group of fans there are. One win and the parade route is getting dusted off. Blindly support garbage.
-"Go Leafs Go!" Is there a less original or more tired chant?
-grammatical errors on the "Toronto Maple Leafs" jersey. Most too stupid to know it.
-Gary Bettman. Smug motherfucker. Literally would have a hard time not bottling him if I ever got the chance.
-the diving, and the apologists who pretend it doesn't happen but crack on soccer and hoops for divers
-the ridiculous point system. Go to 3 points for a regulation win and watch teams go wild down the stretch to solve a tied game
-head shots. If the NFL can get it out with a million collisions a day, surely hockey can do it.
-fighting. If the clock stops when something like that starts, IT IS NOT PART OF THE GAME.
-the Brampton Battalion's uniforms. That's for you, GBVH.

Got a feeling I'll think of more.

hi said...

I guess Drogba forgot Man U and Chelsea are the lone two clubs challenging for the title.

hi said...

I never understood why players who get the puck out of the rink are penalized but players who ice the puck aren't. It's the same thing.

gbvh said...

The Battalion's jerseys rule.
As does their mascot -- and I hate mascots!