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Saturday, August 14, 2010

K-Rod...Douche of the Week

The details of Francisco Rodriguez beatdown of his father-in-law in the New York Mets family room are starting to emerge.  Seems K-Rod was cursing out his wife when her father intervened and tried to cool him off, at which point K-Rod went off on him like he was charging the mound, and it took a few security guards to pull him off.  Class act, buddy.  And here I thought there couldn't be a bigger douchebag in the closer fraternity than Jonathon Papelbon.

Charles Barkley rips LeBron James.  Another reason to love Sir Charles. But careful, Chuck, LeBitch is "taking notes"  Oh, Chuck don't sweat that:
“I heard about LeBron’s little tweet that he’s remembering everybody who said anything bad about him. He said “everybody.” Well I want him to make sure that he puts my name on that because I thought that was a little…you know his little one-hour special was a punk move. I thought them dancing around on the stage was a punk move, and I thought he should’ve stayed in Cleveland. Him joining Dwyane Wade’s team was very disappointing to me.”

This is just getting good.  Memo to 'bron: don't respond.   You don't have the game to stay with Chuck in a war of words.  Game recognize Game.

Manchester City has spent aproximately $234 million in transfers the past two years - and that doesn't include salary - so they'll be interesting to watch this year. Their latest pickup is Mario Balotelli from Inter Milan, the talented and slightly psychotic striker.  Still, they were very lucky to get the draw at Tottenham this morning, who looked fantastic.

Abbey Clancy, who is a long time fav in this corner and appears above in nothing but body paint, is said to be on the outs with boyfriend Peter Crouch, Tottenham Spurs striker. Crouch, who must not have recognized he was punching way over his weight class as it was, allegedly cheated on Clancy with an underage Algerian hooker. Classy.  Pics of both in that link so you'll know what I'm talking about.

Jackson 5's "Rockin' Robin" and Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit".  Toss the two together, and somehow it works. 


gbvh said...


love my cryme tyme!

Joe said...

I dislike Papelbon A LOT, but Francisco Rodriguez is far worse. Serves him right to leave a good team, at the time, in Anaheim, to go to the Mets.