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Monday, May 3, 2010

Stevie Me-rrard gifts it to Chelsea...

Liverpool's Steven Gerrard may just have decided the English Premier League race yesterday all by himself - fitting for a guy often dubbed Stevie Me - with an errant pass that Chelsea's Didier Drogba picked off and danced around the Liverpool 'keeper Pepe Reina for the opening goal in Chelsea's easy 2-0 win over Liverpool, who will now be facing major changes with a season minus Champions League play facing them.  The EPL is down to a final game next weekend, and Manchester United will need a win and help from Wigan, who are at Chelsea, if they're to win a record fourth straight and record 19th championship overall.

The New Jersey Canadiens rode a hot goaltending performance from Jaroslav Halak, aided by collapsing teammates regularly, to an unlikely 3-1 win in which they were dominated by the Pens.  Pretty it was not.  That series is all even heading to Montreal for what will be a deafening pro-Devils crowd.

San Jose took a 2-0 series lead with a 4-3 win over a Detroit team that looks gassed. The Sharks are even getting production from Joe Thornton and Dany Heatley, quiet for much of the playoffs.

Tiger Wood's dad allegedly once said, "concentrate on golf, and fuck everything else." So he did. Author of the great "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell", Tucker Max, tweeted this on Tiger: "Tiger Woods admitted to cheating with 121 women. 121 in 5 YEARS? Amateur. If you need lessons Tiger, I'll he happy to help."

The guy that shot and killed Denver Bronco Darrent Williams a couple years back has been sentenced. Ready for it? Life... plus 1,152 years. What, because 1,153 would've been excessive?

Love that you can still go to and purchase a Pittsburgh #7 jersey with "Therapist" on the back

Strange but true hitting comparison. Entering the weekend, Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Dan Haren was 9-for-18 at the plate this season. New York Yankee DH Nick Johnson: 8-for-58.

Home teams are 25-29 this NHL playoff season.  Not exactly what you'd expect, no?

One last NHL comment for the day. Man, I miss the days of one conference one day, the other the next. Repeat til Cup finalists are sorted.

The Baltimore Orioles almost doubled their win total for the season over the weekend, jumping from 3 to 7, with a sweep of the Boston Red Sox, who now find themselves seven games behind Tampa Bay. Nobody in the AL, and only three teams in the NL, have given up more runs than the Sox 134.

Seattle Mariners starter Cliff Lee, who you will recall pitching as well as anybody ever has in last year's playoffs, is unlikely to resign with Seattle.  Not hard to figure why that would be given how thin the pitching market will be next off-season.  Lee would look great in pinstripes with Andy Pettitte likely to retire and Javier Vazquez about ready to be taken to the glue factory.  Just sayin'.

After Saturday's domination of Shane Mosley, the talk again turns to a dream Floyd Mayweather/Manny Pacquiao match-up.  Look, I get that most people don't like Mayweather and think he's far too arrogant, but blaming him for the fight not already happening because he's insisting on drug testing ahead of the fight and buying Pacquiao's talk that he's afraid of needles - incredible for a guy with that many tattoos and who has blood drawn to renew his boxing licenses - is weak.

Have a great Monday.


Kristian A said...

Cards starters also fair well against Nick on the AVG. department, 8 of 55. The one dragging them down is actually Penny who was quite the hitter back in his Dodgers days, with 0 hits so far.

hi said...

First day at work and I don't know what's more exciting: that I don't get a Blackberry they get to hackle me with 24/7, or that I could seemingly visit just about any websites I want to.

BronxBomber said...

Fucking scum Stevie G is. The lowest kind. I felt as though it was deliberate.

Kristian A said...

If so, not even close to being in the same class of deliberate as Lazio this weekend. THAT is fucking scum!