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Saturday, May 1, 2010

So if you get hurt in a given sport, you generally don't want it to affect your status long term or into the next season, right?  Especially if said injury occurs at the conclusion of a season.  Get it fixed, heal in time for the new season.  That's what anyone with a brain or sense of logic or loyalty to the team would do.  Of course, that's not what the Old Has Been did.  He's got an ankle injury that requires surgery if he is to be ready for the 2010 season.  To make matters worse, it appears he didn't even tell the Minnesota Vikings 'til after the draft.   And very classy of him to let Green Bay Packers fans know that the one year in Minnesota meant as much to him as ten in Green Bay.

It is a lot to ask for a team to come out of a game seven win and bounce back to start the next round two days later, and so far, it has seen the Detroit Red Wings and Montreal Canadiens drop the openers in their respective series.  The Habs were pounded by the Pittsburgh Penguins 6-3, who showed the Habs what a power play looks like.

It wasn't easy, but the LA Lakers got a clutch moment out of Pau Gasol - and who would have bet on that? - to finish off the Oklahoma City Thunder in six games with a 95-94 win.  The Thunder are just getting started.  And how awkward is that picture at right?

Should be a great night of boxing tonight in Vegas as Floyd Mayweather faces "Sugar" Shane Mosley.  I've got a juicy +401 on Money May to win by TKO, KO or DQ.  Get in at Pinnacle (link above).

Bill Simmons, aka "The Sports Guy", tweets on the NBA MVP vote:  "Twelve people voted against LeBron as MVP? Last time we had 12 people that dumb, they were delivering the OJ Trial verdict."

Speaking of the NBA and Twitter, good to see Chris Bosh take to Twitter to ask if he should stay or leave Toronto.  Good to see he's taking things so seriously.

Pretty classy of a Boston sports radio host, Fred Toettcher, to refer to Tim Tebow and family and friends at the draft last week appearing to be so white it was "like some kind of Nazi rally." Didn't Don Imus get canned for saying something like that once?

Check out the 10 Funniest Videos of Athletes Cursing in sports. I have to say, I can watch number one every day forever and I think I'd still laugh.

And another top 10, check out the Top 10 Controversial World Cup moments.

And a third, for your viewing pleasure: SportsCenter's Not Top Play's of the Week.

Here's a crazy baseball analysis, complete with graphics, at HardballTimes that shows umpires strike zones shrinking the pitcher is at two strikes, and grows when they're at three balls and no strikes. Measurement wise, from 3.02 square feet to 2.42. An absolute must see if you're a baseball fan for the graphics alone.

Toronto FC visit Real Salt Lake tonight in MLS play. Kickoff there goes at 9pm, coverage on SportsNet in glorious HD, if you like.

Speaking of the MLS, interesting article here in which the Seattle Sounders Freddie Ljungberg says that high profile players from Europe that he talks to are intrigued by the idea of coming to the MLS, but put off by the idea of being giant fish in their team's pond, with the thinking being you need two or three such players per team to start to mold quality sides.  He's got a hell of a point.

LeBron James, D-Bag.

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hi said...

Brett Favre is one of the most unprofessional athlete I have ever seen. The Brazilians from the slums in soccer do not behave nearly as irresponsibly nor say the things as dumb. How a man so seemingly talented feels the need to open his mouth so often and cause controversies over and over again is beyond me. Do the entertaining in the field.

Every player coming from Europe to play in the MLS need to say something about the salary cap. It's ridiculous and does nothing for the league. Clubs compete against clubs from all over the world to field the best starting 11 possible. MLS clubs lose so much leverage in this.