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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The second leg of the Barcelona and Inter Milan Champions League matchup goes today in Barcelona with Barca needing a 2-0 win in the most simple scenario after a 3-1 loss in Milan. Should be a gem, with kickoff at 2:45pm (Eastern) on SportsNet. Prediction: a similar 3-1 score for Barcelona, sending the game to overtime.

The Detroit Red Wings made it a no-doubter in game seven of their first round series, hammering the Phoenix Coyotes 6-1 to move on to face San Jose in the next round, while Vancouver will meet Chicago in what should be a great series. The Western Conference matchups will get sorted out tonight when the Montreal Canadiens visit the Washington Capitals in their own game seven. The Habs could turn the Caps into hockey's version of Kansas' hoops team, as far as poolies are concerned.

Here are the Super Bowl 2011 odds as they stand after the draft, via Bodog. Indianapolis Colts 8/1, New Orleans Saints 9/1, San Diego Chargers 10/1, New England Patriots 10/1, Dallas Cowboys 11/1, New York Jets 12/1. Right now, I'm thinking Cowboys host the Jets.

For a guy who is suspect defensively and against lefties, the idea that the Philadelphia Phillies Ryan Howard is overpaid seems possible as he's about to hit $25 million a year averaged out. But, his numbers the last four years average out to 49.5 HRs and 143 RBIs a season, and MVP voting finishes of: 1, 5, 2, 3, though Rob Neyer at ESPN says at the very best, he's one of the top 20 players in baseball. Here's a peak at six baseball writers on the deal. And here's another that says the biggest fan of the deal might be New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman, who inked Mark Teixera, a better fielder by miles, and a more complete hitter with power numbers in the same area code, for less.

The Canadian Championships get started at BMO Field tonight with the Montreal Impact visiting Toronto FC. That's going to be no easy task for TFC despite last year's thumping of the Impact.

Bases loaded, 8th inning, tie game, David Ortiz at the plate. What do the Red Sox do? Elect to pinch hit. That, Big Pop-Up, is a sign you're officially finished, and it happened in Toronto last night.

Word is the Oakland Raiders will finally throw in the towel on JaMarcus Russell, perhaps as early as this week. Hard to determine if he's a bigger bust than Ryan Leaf, isn't it? Time will tell, but Russell has to get points for eating himself out of a job, after a big holdout before he set foot on the field.

In Champions League semi-final play yesterday, Bayern Munich reached the final with an emphatic 3-0 win over Lyon, all three goals coming from Croatian Ivica Olic.

The "one day contract" thing teams throw about is always, without fail, lame. What's worse is a guy musing on whether it will happen while (a) he is still playing and (b) discussing it with regard to a certain GM he's not a fan of and (c) the GM responding. Looking at you, LaDanian Tomlinson and AJ Smith in San Diego.

Very classy of Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland to ask now-Dallas Cowboy first rounder Dez Bryant if his mom was a hooker in pre-draft interviews. That the discipline challenged Bryant didn't bust him in two is shocking. Ireland has since apologized, as if that matters.

Check out the Milwaukee Bucks mascot dunking off a ridiculously high ladder. Pretty sure that this wasn't Andrew Bogut.


Kristian A said...

Olic putting shame to Ribery, screwing Lyon as if they're paid to lay down, shut up and take it.

bukkake said...

As to the Ryan Leaf - Jamarcus Russell debate, the one thing you can say about Ryan Leaf is that even after the Chargers released him, The Cowboys and Buccaneers still saw some hope in developing something out of him. Obviously the reclamation didn't work, but will any of the other 31 teams have any interest in picking this guy up?

I have a strange feeling the next time we see Jamarcus in a football helmet it will be a Toronto Argonauts helmet....