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Friday, April 30, 2010

.06...not a blood alcohol reading

If we had heard that Tiger Woods had tapped 19 ladies, you had to know the actual number had to be a multiple of that.  Well, word from the National Enquirer - not the strictly gossip rag it used to be - got their hands on a list Eldrick had to complete as part of his sex addiction rehab, and the actual number is 121.

The New York Mets are in first place in the NL East. Not sure there is a bigger surprise in baseball with the first calendar month just about in the books.

The FanHouse looks at whether the slight decrease in baseball attendance early in the season is a crisis, or a temporary condition. I'm going with the latter, especially with the Yankees and Philadelphia having played so few home games where they push 50,000 a night. The other side of the argument, says Joel Sherman of the NY Post, is that there isn't likely to be overly compelling races with the AL Central and NL Central almost certainly Minnesota's and St. Louis' to lose, and the AL East the likely source of the Wild Card.

You won't ever be able to accuse Colorado Rockies catcher Miguel Olivo of not having stones, literally or figuratively.  In the middle of a game earlier this week, he went and passed a kidney stone.  Wow.

The San Jose Sharks opened their series with the Detroit Red Wings with an entertaining 4-3 win.  The Wings looked a little gassed from a tough seven game series with Phoenix.

Check out the Washington Capitals shot stats for the first round loss to Montreal: 292 on net, 182 blocked, and 102 missed the net for 576 Total or an average of 82.3 per-game.  That's an incredible shot rate for so few goals in the end.  The "blocked" total is especially impressive. Great line of smack on Washington: Wednesday wasn't the first time a group of Canadiens came into your town and burnt it to the ground.  The Caps are the third Presidents Trophy winner to make a first round exit in the last five years.

AJ Burnett threw eight innings of three hit, shutout baseball yesterday to move to 3-0.  Imagine if him and Roy Halladay were on the same team?

 The Tampa Bay Rays 17-5 start is the best start in the game since 2003.

No matter what Ben Roethlesberger, you'll always be able to say that you were the subject of an Eminem dagger, in his new song "Recovery" when he delivers this gem: "I'd rather turn this club into a bar room brawl, get as rowdy as Roethlisberger in a bathroom stall."

The SportsPickle gives us 13 ways to shorten MLB games. Funny stuff. Love #13. Sorry, America.

"Iron" Mike Ditka
took to the airwaves to discuss Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland'sDez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys question to as to whether his mother is a prostitute, and he's less than impressed with Ireland, saying he deserved a smack in the head. What's really shocking for me - if you've ever heard Ditka speak - is that he managed to stay on one topic for more than a couple sentences.

This one is gonna hurt more than most. Croatian hoops team Cibona was taking on the Serbian squad Partizan for the NLB league championship. With .06 on the clock, Cibona hits a three-pointer to take the lead. Fire up the party, game over, right? Wrong. Partizan inbounded the ball and with a last-ditch effort, Partizan's star Dušan Kecman tossed up a 75 foot prayer. It goes in and it is the Partizan fans that get to go crazy as the Cibona team walks off the court in shock, never having even contested the shot having been too busy celebrating early. As a Nigerian gent told me at The Bulldog in Amsterdam years ago, when it comes to sports, "it is NEVER over" til the whistle goes.


gbvh said...

Lebron on the Craptors:

hi said...

Does Croatia and Serbia share a basketball league? or is that a footage some regional tournament, like the Euro League? I can Wiki this, but I'm too lazy.

I've got tickets to the Yankees game between June 4th and June 6th I want to sell. My friends and I have three field level seats close the first base for each of the games. I was going to go watch Park Chanho pitch, but I will be at the other side of the globe in China for a friend's wedding [just in time for the World Cup huh, what an ass]. I have a family friend who want the ticket for free, but I'm a jackass and I would rather sell it. Leave a message if interested.

TB said...

Yes, the Adriatic basketball league. Not sure why Serbian teams are in there, given they don't touch the Adriatic. :)

I'm heading to the Yanks game on the 5th already, and that'll be it for me that series. Taking my 2-year old to his first Yankee game.

hi said...

Interesting league. I've past heard of Partizan's success in the Euro League but nothing more than that, although I'm pretty certain football clubs like Dynamo Zagrab and Red Star Belgrade have a basketball equivalence. I will indeed Wiki it.

This is the first time I have ever had to sell Blue Jays tickets so I have no idea where to begin. I usually go in for free after the 6th inning [or whenever it is] and a long dinner. I went to Craigslist to post an ad but no one there is selling baseball tickets and I felt very stupid for a second.

BronxBomber said...

Talk about a crazy trigger finger I have $4100 in bets today. After all the money I'll lost in the NBA I'm starting to really love the NHL. NBA: Where quitting happens.

HI, i'd take the seats off your hands but with a trip to Montreal next week for UFC 113 and then 2 weeks later to Shea...err Citi Bank field to see my Yanks I doubt my liver could handle any more abuse

hi said...

I hear ya. If my work didn't start next week, I would have been so going to Montreal. I will need to take a couple sickie's during the World Cup and I haven't told my boss of my friend's wedding neither. Summer jobs are fckin assholes.