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Thursday, May 6, 2010

I don't know what is more impressive, that the guy that jumped on the field in Philadelphia on Tuesday night Tweeted his shot first (at right), or that he did it after the guy the night prior was hit with a taser blast.  Oh wait, I know, the most impressive part was that the fool did it with drugs on him.  Smart play, clown. To their credit, the crowed booed the hell out of him.  Video below.

Speaking of Philadelphia, more than a little surprised the Flyers are down 3-0 to the Boston Bruins, largely because I think the Bruins are so very unimpressive.  The Bruins were 4-1 winners last night. 

The Chicago Black Hawks took a 2-1 series lead thanks to a hat-trick from Dustin Byfulgien, who is proving far too big a load for the Vancouver defence to handle.  The Hawks were 5-2 winners last night.

In the NBA, the Phoenix Suns took a 2-0 lead over the San Antonio Spurs, their long time playoff nemesis.  I'm impressed how much every hoops fan I talk to is pulling for Steve Nash and the Suns to keep going in the playoffs.  Count me among those.  Love me some Steve Nash.

There's a big Sports Illustrated feature coming up on Ben Roethlesberger.  The fine folks at ProFootballTalk have summarized the finer points here.  Honestly, is there a worse guy in sports if half of this is true?  Even Tiger Woods?  Deadspin has read the article, and concluded that it is six pages of "Ben is a dick."  Now, that's not a crime, but some of what he's been doing sure seems to be.

In addition to the indignity of not qualifying for the World Cup, this year is getting even tougher for Croatian soccer players when they're given yellow cards for diving, when it turns out they weren't diving, they were merely in the first stages of dying on the field. 

Been a while since we went "WAG" around these parts, but with the World Cup on the way, how about enlisting some of the WAG's to model uniforms for South Africa?  You're welcome.

Some seriously creepy stuff makes its way onto eBay.  Like this item for late New York Yankee legend Thurman Munson, who of course died in a plane crash in the 70's.  The item?  His pilots license.

Toronto Mayoral candidate Rob Ford says that if elected, he will heavily lobby the provincial government to go the route of Quebec and B.C. and ignore the archaic interpretation of the law that is keeping Mixed Martial Arts out of the province right now.  He makes a very compelling argument here, and it is sad that it takes an elected leader to open a city and province to millions in tourism dollars that will otherwise go somewhere else.  I know, I make it sound like small minds in politics is a shocking thing.  I don't intend to.

Philly field jumper #2, from Tuesday night.

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