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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hawks lay down for Magic

Hope you've cleared some time today, this is gonna take a bit.  Enjoy.

Not sure how you can play so in a shell with nearly 21,000 fans absolutely foaming at the mouth for you, but the Montreal Canadiens tried to do it again, and failed.  Guess when you're deep into the second period with only ten shots on goal, that isn't a recipe for success against a team with even average goaltending, and despite only 18 shots against last night, Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury was superb in a couple key spots, and the Pens won 2-0 to take a 2-1 series lead.  Here's a thought: if the Pens go up in a game 2-0, they'll have either scored the second goal late, or they're going to blow the Habs out when they open up.  That said, man am I impressed with Mike Camalleri.  Hard to figure how two teams have given up on that guy.

I don't want to chime the final bell on the Detroit Red Wings, but down 3-0 and looking tapped out, it is hard to imagine them winning four straight, especially when they blew a 3-1 lead last night to lose 4-3 in overtime.  Don't look now, but the San Jose Sharks are getting enough balanced scoring and decent goaltending to be an actual contender to win it all.

Nice of the Atlanta Hawks to show up to open their series with the Orlando Magic. The Hawks were smoked 114-71. No typo there, they really only scored 71.

For all the grief that Tracy McGrady has received over the year's for never making it out of the first round, it is hard to imagine that this is Grant Hill's first time advancing to round two.

The Boston Red Sox, who spent more than anyone this past off-season, are looking down the barrel of some big changes if things don't turn in short order with the LA Angels of Anaheim and New York Yankees in this week, says GM Theo Epstein.  Word is that there is a gulf in the clubhouse with the new players not fitting in with the old guard, save for Marco Scutaro who has bridged the gap.

Philadelphia Phillies closer for the closer Ryan Madson is on the DL after breaking a toe.  Kicking a chair.  I love baseball injuries!  Good to see the taser blast of a couple nights ago didn't deter anyone.  Another fan ran onto the field last night.  I'm for an outright shooting now.  The Phillies are going to threaten the Red Sox for worst fans.

Another Phillies note: yes, they have Roy Halladay.  They also have the same record as Leroy's old team, the Toronto Blue Jays.  Who would have bet that?

TSN's James Cybulski thinks it is time that the Toronto Raptors ditch that horror-show of a name, and bring back the Huskies name and colours.  Amen to that, I say.  Worst name, and logo, in sports.  But just keep the mascot, he's pretty kick ass as they go.

AJ Burnett is having the best year of his career so far.  Pass it on.  Burnett's ERA is down to 1.99, and he's 4-0 on the year. Not bad for a guy who is barely using his curve.

The SportsPickle - and how many times must I rave about it for you to follow? - offers up seven accurate entrance songs for MLB players. Love the B-side suggested for David Ortiz. The A-Rod suggestions, I have to say, are pretty funny too.

A survey of soccer fans says 51% said they'd starve themselves for a week for their team to win the World Cup, 40% said they'd give up dating for a year, and 4% would offer up a limb.  The best sporting even period starts in 36 days.  Pool info to follow.

Expect a serious push in these parts to see regular reader Bukakke hold up a sign advertising this blog at the June 13th Edmonton Eskimos game.  Why?  Because our boy is going to be holding the down yardsticks.  Be sure to tune in on TSN for what will surely be the highest rated regular season game.

The BleacherReport presents the Top 25 Worst Nightmare Moments in Sports.

Finally, on a non-sporting note, I know things have a way of changing over the course of 40 years, but check out this pic from Kabul, Afghanistan in 1970, and today.

Check out this Formula 2 racing clip, and watch around the 1:10 mark for a wild accident.  Then, rewatch it looking only at the "mirror" on the bottom right.  Incredible stuff.


Kristian A said...

Gallo at ESPN's page 2 had a piece on Phillies fans yesterday. Judging by the comments underneith, the fans doesn't exactly try to redeem themselves either...

Worst though was last year when a fan figured he whould point a laser pen at the opposing players while at bat! You can go blind from that stuff...

Kristian A said...

Forgot the link:

bukkake said...

Correction. The June 13th game is pre-season (Esks vs. Stamps) and will not be televised.

I am on sticks Sunday, July 11th as well for the game against Montreal (3 PM local time... 5 PM out east). This will be a TSN broadcast.

For those that don't know me I will be wearing stripes #5. I will be more easily identifiable by my stunning good looks and sweet little muffin ass.