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Friday, April 23, 2010

You get me closer to God...

It took triple overtime, but the Ottawa Senators got a stay of execution with a 4-3 win over the Pittsburgh Penguins that even they must not have expected the way this series has gone the last few games. Chicago and Philadelphia were both 3-0 winners, with Philly eliminating New Jersey in five games, and San Jose found the offence in a 5-0 win over Colorado.

The best Tim Tebow tweets last night after he was drafted at the tail end of the first round by the Denver Broncos: he's now one mile closer to God, and second, the most famous white Bronco since OJ Simpson. The Dallas Cowboys got themselves a top 10 pick at the 24 spot in Dez Bryant, which could mean the end of that bust Roy Williams. Full first round analysis here if you're an ESPN Insider. Or, at if you don't. Good day for Oklahoma, with three of the top four picks taken, noted Bukakke.

Here's an odd stat: Arizona Diamondbacks pitchers entered play yesterday with ten hits. That's one more than the DH's for the New York Yankees and two more than the DH's for the Minnesota Twins.

Speaking of the Yankees, they pulled their first triple play since 1968 yesterday in a 3-1 loss at Oakland. Check it out here. Just before that, seems Oakland A's pitcher Dallas Braden - a name few will recognize - took umbrage with Alex Rodriguez - GASP! - stepping on the pitchers mound dirt running back to the dugout. The horror! Am I the only one who finds most "unwritten rules" to be ridiculously lame?

Bill Simmons (aka "The Sports Guy") says ESPN has wanted the NHL back for two years. Apparently NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman is playing the jilted lover card and rather than doing what is best - going to ESPN - he holds on to his Versus pipe dream. Tool. If you're not on ESPN in the U.S., you don't exist.

Looks like a Tiger Woods divorce is imminent, as wife Elin is said to be furious he returned to golf so soon. Just think how she'd feel if he returned to banging porn stars.

Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt won't confirm or deny reports that they're in the Ben Roethlisberger hunt. And how great would it be for Ben to go to the retirement community that is Arizona? Think of all the widows he could rape...err...hit on.

Finally today, or at least before a couple great video clips, check out the dozen evilest pictures of The Pope, courtesy of one Danko Jones.

If you've ever been to a Montreal Canadiens game at the Bell Centre, you know the Habs send two kids out with Habs flags out ahead of the team. So what does Alexander Ovechkin do? Snow plows them. Wow. Part of me thinks "Ovie, they're kids!" Another part says "what a message to send to your opponent that anyone in a Habs jersey is a target." The remaining part thinks "holy hell that is funny". Seems Habs fans aren't very amused.

Best baseball slide. Ever.


gbvh said...

I'm so sick of all the oh-so-precious little superstitions in baseball.
Hey sport: Grow the fuck up.

gbvh said...

To that, I may add: Play the game, not games!

hi said...

I thought that kind of jump slide in baseball wasn't allowed?