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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kevin Garnett = D-Bag

Alexander Ovechkin bounced back with a fantastic performance last night as his Caps beat the Montreal Canadiens 6-5 in overtime. Still, the Caps are hardly dominating this series and headed back to Montreal, they're far from out of the woods here. Five more games on the go today.

Toronto FC are in Colorado today to take on the Rapids. Kickoff on GolTV is 5pm.

Since January 29th, Oklahoma City Thunder are 26-11 with only two losses by more than eight points. Since February 18th, the LA Lakers are 15-12, only 2 wins by double-digits. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

Funny that there's not acres of forest being wiped out to talk about how easy it is to hit homer's in Yankee Stadium. That's what happens when you grow a sample size. Next up: Vernon Wells.

Tottenham are having a lot to say about how the English Premier League will finish up. Spurs beat Arsenal last week to all but end Arsenal's title hopes, and just when it looked like Chelsea had the title sewn up, Spurs beat them 2-1 in a game that was not even that close. Paul Scholes scored with 17 seconds to go to lift Manchester United past Manchester City and narrow the gap at the top to a point. So what did Arsenal do with a chance to narrow the gap to two points this morning? Lost 3-2 at Wigan after leading 2-0. Incredible season.

Funny what a stellar playoff run can do. Alex Rodriguez didn't hit his first home run of the season until yesterday and I don't recall reading about it once or hearing it mentioned on any of the half dozen podcasts I listen to daily. Incredible what a month can change.

Why is it the more time passes, the more Boston Celtic Kevin Garnett becomes a douchebag? Maybe it is the "Boston" coming more into play.

Colorado Rocky Ubaldo Jiminez tossed a no hitter in Atlanta yesterday, the first in Rockies history. For the Braves, it is the 17th time they've been no hit. Jiminez is also 3-0 on the year.

In other baseball news, the New York Mets beat the St. Louis Cardinals in a mere 20 innings. The Cards even had two infielders pitch, and pitcher Kyle Lohse play outfield, and the game was scoreless until the 19th. Game time: 6 hours, 53 minutes. Players used: 46. Pitching changes: 17. Runners stranded: 35. The teams combined to hit 1 for 25 with runners in scoring position.

A video triple for your Sunday viewing pleasure to close things off for the day. Enjoy.

Check out Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo turn a defender inside out with a ridiculous stepover. Shame that Ronaldo allows himself the balance to pull a play like that at full speed but to often goes to ground when nudged. Oh, and he finished the play and scored.

If you missed Ottawa Senator Andy Sutton's crushing hit on Pittsburgh Penguin Jordan Leopold Friday night, check it out here...

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Kristian said...

Was watching most of that Cards game, but had to throw in the towel in the 14th inning and fell asleep in front of the computer (3 am over here then, not that boring a game).

Good game by the rookie Jamie Garcia again, just too bad his 1 hit, 7 innings performance was overshadowed by the 20 total innings.
And amazed that neither McClellan nor Franklin gave up a run. Got to be a first...

Kristian said...

And for those who watched or able to watch the game again, Trevor Millers inning was fantastic. Pure joy to watch him take on the batters and pick off his man at 1st.