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Monday, April 19, 2010

I don't want to pretend that things like jinxes exist, but something strange happens to the San Jose Sharks come playoff time year in and out. Last night, they were beaten early in overtime by the Colorado Avs, led by Craig Anderson's 51 saves in goal. The goal was scored from Dan Boyle. Yes, San Jose Shark Dan Boyle. In other series, Pittsburgh looks like they've got a firm grip on the Senators now after a dominant win. The Phoenix Coyotes surprised - me at least - with a win in Detroit. Philadelphia leads the Devils in a series that is playing out as tight as most figured. Chicago rode a red hot goalie performance from Antii Niemi to even their series 1-1 with the Nashville Preds.

The New York Yankees have won their first four series of the season against teams that were a combined 78 games above .500 last year, and two playoff teams. Their only concerns right now are staying healthy, getting Nick Johnson to realize it is okay to swing a bat occasionally, and getting Javier Vazquez right. Beyond that, they're on their way to 105 wins and will runaway with the division again. Joel Sherman at the NY Post has more.

With the European air travel turmoil, Barcelona are busing 1,000 kilometers to Milan for their Champions League tilt tomorrow. That ought to do wonders for their legs.

Jeff Blair at the Globe & Mail wonders if the Toronto Raptors are too Eurocentric and if they need to be as Bryan Colangelo gets told to "not bother" by agents for American players. I'm not sure how valid all that is, but he nails it in calling Jose Calderon a walking mismatch.

The Atlanta Falcons have embraced MMA training as part of their off season program. Seeing what it has done for Minnesota Viking Jarred Allen, I can see why. Matt Leinart? Not so much.

Check out the Top 20 Awkward Sports Moments, with video evidence. By "awkward", I assume they mean "incredible".'s Peter King figures that Ben Roethlesberger will be suspended between 4 and 8 games by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Score has secured broadcast rights to Italy's Serie A through 2012. Shocking how much TV coverage there is of soccer compared to five years back.

If you have any doubts about Aussie Rules rugby players toughness, or sanity, check out this Aussie Rules player get crushed.

Check out this song dedicated to Chris Bosh staying with the Toronto Raptors. Creepy?

1 comment:

Kristian said...

That hit is nasty. Reminds me a lot of Schumachers on Battiston:

Battiston never got back on the field again...

Some more Battiston history, might have mentioned here earlier, but in France ahead of the 2006 WC (I think) they had a pool in the newspapers over who the readers hated the most. Toni Schumacher came in second... behind Hitler!

How I would have loved to see Liverpool play away against Olympiacos or CSKA or another eastern European team this week. They'd spend about a week in a bus!