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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chris Bosh, 14th overall pick in the draft?

The NFL schedule is finally out after much discussion. Some interesting items: Week 17 will be nothing but divisional games. Now, if they were smart, they'd have all games kick-off at the same time to avoid any advantages given to later teams. Also, the Buffalo Bills will host the Chicago Bears in Toronto. Thanksgiving Day USA will feature a trio of games in New England at Detroit, a killer matchup of New Orleans at Dallas, and Cincinnati at the New York Jets. And, as mentioned here months back, it'll be Minnesota at New Orleans to open the season. The rest of the schedule here. But make sure you finish reading RandoMango first, of course.

Bill Simmons, aka The Sports Guy, says a Yankee fan he knows emailed him David Ortiz' 2010 stats and called him "Big Pop-up," to which I had no comeback and wanted to cry. Wait, Simmons was left speechless? Wow.

Everytime the Ottawa Senators are down to the Pittsburgh Penguins, like they were 7-4 last night late in the game, and look to "send a message", the message I get is "we are losers". The Pens are now up 3-1 and the gap is widening.

In other series, the Detroit Red Wings shut out Phoenix 3-0 to even their series at 2-2. Nashville Predators rode a scorching Pekka Rinne to a 4-1 win, taking a 2-1 series lead over the Chicago Black Hawks, and San Jose beat Colorado 2-1 in overtime, their only two goals against Colorado in 7 periods or so. Philadelphia took a 3-1 stranglehold on their series with the New Jersey Devils and you get the feeling if they get goaltending, they could do some damage this playoffs.

So much for Kevin Garnett's abscence opening a door for the Miami Heat in game two of their series. The Boston Celtics hammered the Heat 106-77 and that has to be pretty much the end of them, no?

Charles Barkley appeared on Jim Rome is Burning yesterday and had this to say on Kobe Bryant: "When you get hurt all the time, you're definitely on the downside of your career." Chuck would know.

If I were Ben Roethlesberger, I'd be begging NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to suspend me now before more stories of my douchebaggery like this emerge from the fine citizens of Pittsburgh. Seriously, he seems like a bigger bonehead than the worst traits of Pacman Jones, Terrell Owens and Old Has Been. You just knew he was going to be in there, right?

Jose Canseco might be worth following on Twitter, if you like following the unhinged. Check out a small sampling of his tweets here. Scroll over them to magnify.

In Champions League play yesterday, Barcelona were shocking 3-1 losers at Inter Milan in the first leg of their semi-final. They're still very much in it with the home leg to come, but now the math could see them out the same way Manchester United ended up in the quarters. Up today, Lyon are at Bayern Munich.

What would an NBA draft look like with every single player available? Well, try this on for size. Chris Bosh, if you're wondering, would go 14th.

Finally today, two soccer vids from the last week or so.

First up, a goal celebration fail that is absolutely amazing. A must see for fans and non fans alike.

Second, this is one of those goals - from Inter Milan's Maicon - that you can point to when somebody says soccer isn't that difficult or impressive. There's no one act in sport that can top this in my book. Thanks to GBVH for passing on.

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