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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pen Rapelisberger

Is there anyone anywhere that can look at Pen Rapelisberger and think he looks like an elite athlete? He looks like a bouncer at best. Check out Big Ben's off season track record: 2006, he wins the Super Bowl in February and follows that up five months later by nearly dying after cracking through the windshield of a car in a motorcycle accident where he wasn't wearing a helmet. That said, I'm going to guess he couldn't find a bucket to fill that giant mellon (and it is rare that any Croatian blooded guy can accuse someone of having a giant mellon). In 2009, Ben again wins the Super Bowl in February and in July is named in a civil lawsuit for allegedly raping a hotel worker in Reno, Nevada. 2010: Alleged sexual assault.

If you're the owner of a team trailing the Phoenix Coyotes by a couple of points, a team that you're helping see through the year financially thanks to the wisdom of Gary Bettman, wonder how you feel about them adding $2 million in payroll last week at the trade deadline, moves that could see you out of playoff contention?

Kimbo Slice will make his first Canadian UFC appearance on May 8th in Montreal where he'll fight former NFLer and current nut job Matt Mitrione.

In case you missed it, and it being an NFL drug suspension and not an MLB one, you likely did, Miami Dolphin's free agent - and that ought to help his free agency cause, no? - Jason Ferguson was suspended for eight games for violating the league's performance enhancing drugs policy.

Add gambling problems to the list of issues hovering around Allen Iverson.

Tough off-season for the Arizona Cardinals so far. They've dealt Anquan Boldin, have seen Kurt Warner retire, and have lost Karlos Dansby and Antrel Rolle to free agency.

Here's a great piece on Sidney Crosby's gold medal winning goal last Sunday, covering off how things went down in the final seconds. It all happened so quick that the fourth picture only has one guy aware that the game is over in the entire building by the looks of it, #87 himself.

See the video of Matt Barnes of the Orlando Magic faking throwing the ball at Kobe Bryant's face on Sunday? Barnes and Kobe were going at it all game. Would make an interesting finals, no?

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