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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Can find a bitterman...

Former Cleveland Browns QB Derek Anderson, just released by the Browns, is hoping to get a measure of revenge on a franchise and a fanbase that he calls "ruthless" and "don't deserve a winner" after they cheered when he went down with a tore knee ligament in 2008. Guess Anderson forgot that he didn't exactly live up to his contract after a huge 2007 that got him paid.

If the estimates that there are 20-40 blows to the head in an average NHL game, not including fights, the league and players can forget about eliminating it totally - simply too much incidental contact. But you can increase suspensions for the Matt Cooke's of the world who deliver blind siders, intended or not, and eliminating fighting might decrease the odd head shot, but that's too obvious for some of the Mensa rejects at all levels of hockey. It sounds like there is a new rule in the works for next season that will punish any hits from behind or the side - an improvement - while still allowing for head on head shots (think Scott Stevens plastering Eric Lindros in 2000).

Look for the Chicago Cubs to come out strong out of the gate this year, as they've only got 6 of 38 games to start against teams that were .500 or better last year.

Italy's top soccer league, Serie A, will now be punishing blasphemy with immediate suspensions, and they'll be using video evidence as source material. Good to see one of the leagues most renowned for diving focusing on what really matters in the game.

Check out these 15 classic and hilarious Zach Galifinakis moments. Not sure how Saturday Night Live's "Bidet" sketch from last weekend didn't make the cut.

In further evidence that winning cures all ills, New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter are back to being buddies again, driving to games together, warming up together and so on. Pretty sour that regular reader and occasional contributor TS beat me to the punch on saying they're not truly friends until they have a sleepover.

Good of the Minnesota Wild to show up and fire all of 11 shots on goal last night.

Have a great Wednesday.

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