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Friday, March 12, 2010


Check out this incredible analysis of water consumption in the city of Edmonton during the gold medal hockey game last Sunday, complete with detail on what was happening when in the game, as well as how things looked the day before. Amazing. Wonder what Super Bowl looks like? Guess there's a lot more time to hit the can with all the ad spots but you'd have to think half time is a huge spike. More impressive would be a booze consumption chart, if that were possible.

When Chris Chelios, called up by the Atlanta Thrashers earlier this week, was traded to Chicago for Denis Savard in 1990, current Thrasher Evander Kane had not been conceived. He was born a year later.

Further to yesterday's baseball realignment story, Deadspin has passed on its thoughts in an article called "How To Ruin Baseball in One Easy Step". Deadspin furthers the discussion by asking what teams with designated hitters, generally highly paid specialists, would do if they chose to move to the NL for a season.

The knives are out in Spain for Real Madrid, as the manager and players are taking a tonne of flack for another round of 16 flameout this week. Couldn't happen to a more deserving club. One caption beside a picture of Cristiano Ronaldo read "Cristiano, humiliated. He promised every title and has already lost two".

There is actual talk, says ProFootballTalk, that another embarrassing incident from Ben Roethlesberger could spell the end of his days in Pittsburgh. Say one thing about the Rooney's, they don't mess around.

Awesome base-brawl in Cuba...

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