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Monday, March 8, 2010

CB4 to New York?

With ESPN not allowing for use of their pics - the source of most used in this corner - gonna mix it up on occasion and throw in the odd lady, in this case, yesterday's SunShine Girl. Good move, or bad?

The latest Chris Bosh story has him moving to the New York Knicks in a sign and trade this summer, where he'd join LeBron James. The Raps would get David Lee, for starters. Do with this what you will.

Here are 20 Epic Logo Fails. Not sure what the folks who designed the logo for Arlington Pediatric Center, Clinica Dental, China Restaurant and really, the rest, were thinking.


Are you like me, and look at Toronto Blue Jay Travis Snider and think "Brock Lesnar"? Eerily similar faces.

When did TSN's SportsCentre start including hits among its stats for hockey? Just noticed that.

Manchester United's Wayne Rooney hurt his knee playing for England in a friendly last week, and his Man U manager Sir Alex Ferguson, in a big departure as far as coaches go, blamed...the player.

Remember the blown calls in last year's baseball playoffs? It took a while, but MLB finally got around to addressing the matter with the umpires in question, and three paid with their jobs.

Tony Kornheiser returns to Pardon The Interruption today after a two week suspension for trashing Hannah Storm's outfit. That ought to be interesting.

Pittsburgh Penguins dirt merchant Matt Cooke crushed Marc Savard with a blind-side head shot for his third such hit this year. This guy shouldn't be in the NHL. Period.

Not content to be left out of overtime discussions, the CFL is looking at mandating that teams go for two points in overtime after scoring a TD. Headline from Deadspin: CFL Slowly Morphing Into XFL. I didn't realize the XFL ever awarded points for failure, like the CFL lamely does with the "rouge".

Sidney Crosby declined a chance to handle the Top 10 on The Late Show with David Letterman. He does know the NHL isn't exactly swimming in big name exposure like that, right?

FIFA, soccer's ruling body, is leaving the "paradinha" - Portuguese for "little stop" - up to its officials to call as permissible or not at this year's World Cup. I've been playing for decades and never once did I think the penalty kick rule allowed a stop of any kind, it was always required that there be forward motion. This is bush league stuff, completely unfair to goalies, and FIFA would be wise to clarify the rule immediately. Check it out below:


gary said...

Sunshine girl = good move :)

Was at that game yesterday. Cooke will get 5-10 games, and deservedly so. Cooke definitely plays on the cheap side, i.e. Avery, Clutterbuck, Hartnell, Ruutu, etc, etc - but that was even over-the-top for him, and outta line.

btw: Mike Richards doesn't get suspended for that same hit. just sayin :)

TB said...

If you're referring to the Booth hit, it wasn't entirely a blind side shiver the way Cooke seems to specialize in. That, and Richards is known for a lot of other things. If Cooke is on the hilites, odds are somebody is out cold and it wasn't clean.

gary said...

Of course I'm referring to the Booth hit!! It was cheap...just like Cooke's. But yes...Cooke is a repeat offender.

This just in: no suspension for Cooke