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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Refs targetting players?

You're a baseball player of legendary status, recognized among the top handful of players of all time. You used something banned by the government of the day. You performed against less than the best. You injected extract from sheep's testes because you had heard its healing properties were great. Belong in the Hall of Fame? If you say no, you just booted Babe Ruth out of the Hall of Fame, because he routinely used alcohol in an era of prohibition, never faced the best of the best but the best of the white best, and injected something of questionable, non-approved pharmaceutical value. The point being is don't get too caught up in the sanctity of the Hall of Fame and ignore there are plenty of guys in there of questionable character too that performed incredibly well including legendary racist and accused murderer Ty Cobb, or spitballers like Don Sutton and Gaylord Perry. Sure, Barry Bonds might not get in first ballot (he should), or A-Rod (he should), but look at it in a vacuum of what they did in their given era that didn`t have testing until 2006. No brainer Hall of Famers, both. Mark McGwire isn`t good enough even with his apology in my opinion. Speaking of Big Mac, some photos of him through his career.

If the NHL is thinking that somehow Vancouver Canucks Alex Burrows allegations that referee Stephane Auger targeted him for a dive that embarrassed the ref in a previous game is much better than having a referee on the take like the NBA's Tim Donaghy, they're dreaming. Augar getting personal with it and calling his shot is the epitome of a lack of professionalism, and good of Burrows I say for bringing it to light. That Augar could be swayed that easily is a sign of a guy who would bend for much greater motivation (read: cash).

With an uncapped year looming in the NFL next year, and talk that the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys would go on a huge spending spree, the Skins are in the position of cheering for a Cowboys win this weekend. Why? Seems that there are rules in place about who teams that finish in the top eight can sign, categorized as anyone playing this weekend, and further restrictions on teams that move to the final four.

He - insanely - got shut out of MVP voting despite rushing for over 2,000 yards, but the Tennessee Titans Chris Johnson did manage to nab offensive player of the year honors.

The story about Lane Kiffin bolting Tennessee for USC after only a season isn't about what is right, it is about how a guy with a career 12 wins as head coach between the pros and college has such a sterling reputation.

Somewhere, Scott Boras is smiling. After years and years as baseball's lowest spending team, the Florida Marlins have listened to the player's union complaints and agreed to boost payroll. What does it say about a team that it could so easily, and artificially, just jump payroll? The move will keep the team from violating revenue sharing rules. Now, if only they actually used more of their revenue to keep the Josh Johnson's of the world.

Best of Fails 2009, courtesy of JB.

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