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Monday, January 11, 2010

Last one to score wins

The Wild-Card Weekend is done, and saw three teams lose that only scored 14 points, and then one wild game that saw an NFL playoff record for points set with 96 points in a 51-45 overtime win for the Arizona Cardinals. Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers used his hand to knock the ball to his foot, then kicked it to the guy who scored. He wears #12. So does Thierry Henry. Just sayin'. For Packers fans, it had to feel very familiar to go out in a playoff game on the back of a huge turnover to close the game. Very Old Has Been like. Guess the refs missed the facemask tug on Rodgers in the picture, huh?

As for the New England Patriots, they came out like a win was a foregone conclusion and were throttled by the Baltimore Ravens 33-14. I'm sure it wasn't Bill Belichick's fault.

In somewhat related news, word is that Derek Jeter is engaged to marry Minka Kelly next November. I'm begging, Jeter: don't do it. Look what happened to Tom Brady since he got hitched to Gisele: season ending injury, repeated playoff losses, and an end to a perfect 7-0 playoff record at home. Nothing good can come of this D.J. Has your Gillette compadre Tiger Woods not taught you anything? Think of the Maxim cover girls you are forgoing!

Are the LA Lakers looking to deal for Chris Bosh? Word is they've got an offer of Andrew Bynum at the ready ahead of the February 18th trade deadline. Interesting times ahead in the next four or five weeks.

Tom Hicks Jr., an exec for his dad who owns the Texas Rangers, Dallas Stars and Liverpool responded to charges from a fan group that the team was being stingy in player acquisitions at Liverpool and more concerned with managing their debt than winning, responded via email: "Blow me fuck face. Go to hell. I'm sick of you." Classy.

The Chicago Cubs have offered to retire Andre Dawson's #8 if he goes into the Hall of Fame as a Chicago Cub. Two things. First, what hat he wears isn't up to him now anyways as the Hall took over that territory after Wade Boggs agreed to go in as a Tampa Bay Devil Ray when he signed his last contract as a pro there. Second, your number is already retired as a Montreal Expo, Hawk. Enjoy it. The Expos are the right choice. Period.

There's a UFC Fight Night Live card tonight on Spike at 8pm (Eastern) - free, in other words - and the main event should be a good one with Gray Maynard taking on Nate Diaz. More on that, and the rest of the card, here.

Anybody figure on the Cincinnati Reds to land Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman? Seems six years and $30 million will get that done. So much for the rust belt teams not having any money. Somewhere, Scott Boras is making notes.

LaDanian Tomlinson dances. I haven't a clue if this is hilarious, or a disaster.


BronxBomber said...

I don't disagree with why Hawk wants to go in as a Cub. His value would sky-rocket as opposed to going in as an Expo. As Morency put it: "What's he going to do as an Expo sign autographs outside a Montreal Train station."

The Cubs are more recognized and as his value would go up greatly.

TB said...

I couldn't care less about where he gets to sign - the HOF should be about what is right and makes sense for a guy's career picture.

I don't believe he said he wanted to go in as a Cub, did he?

gbvh said...

I love that a reporter played a soon-to-be bride to try to get the Jeter scoop. Effing classic.

BronxBomber said...

One of those writing on the wall things:

I'm grateful the Cubs organization gave me the opportunity to wear their uniform," said Dawson. "I played a little bit longer in Montreal. Of course, that's where I got my initial start. But I'll tell you, going to Wrigley Field, playing in the Friendly Confines amongst the Cubs fans, that was amazing in itself.

"That really rejuvenated my career, I think, and put me at a point in time where I was unsure about myself in the game, and how much longer I was going to stay in the game. The way the Cubs fan embraced me that first year pretty much propelled me on to win the National League MVP award and I owe that organization a lot for believing in me.