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Friday, January 15, 2010

Cracking on lames since birth

Clearly, the NFL is not playing games when it comes to implementing salary control on rookies, judging by the fact they're going to move to have such a system in place effective in this year's draft.

Emmanuel Adebayor
, Togo international and Manchester City striker, was on the bus that was attacked last week in Angola. In the wake of that, we've got video of Adebayor being interviewed for his thoughts. Hey, isn't that Arsenal gear - from his old team? Adebayor, you're clueless. Thanks to GBVH for passing that on.

If there is such a thing as karma, then New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees probably deserves as much or more than any other pro athlete. Check out this great piece on the work he is doing in New Orleans to help rebuild that city, literally raising millions and giving tonnes of time to make it happen.

Check out these 25 Great Moments in Brutal Honesty.

Clark Judge - what kind of name is that? - at rates the road teams in this weekend's divisional round of the NFL playoffs to sort out who is likely done, and who could go on.

As predicted yesterday, the Old Has Been is backtracking on comments he made intimating that he'd be shocked if the Minnesota Vikings didn't beat the Dallas Cowboys. Shocking. Old Has Been changing his tune...weird.

GQ ran a piece detailing what happened that night in Philadelphia in April 2008 that led to talk that former Indianapolis Colts wideout Marvin Harrison - he of the once sterling reputation - unloaded a gun, or in this case, two, into a man's car with the man in it. Crazy stuff. The FBI is now looking at the situation. April 2008? At least they're not taking their time.

Hugh Hefner and his 21-year old twin girlfriends have broken up. Is there nothing to believe in in 2010?

If Jerome Bettis was as accurate picking games as he is predicting what his former coach Bill Cowher will do next, he'd never have to work a day in his life. Bettis' latest call is that Cowher is laying low waiting for the New York Giants job to open up.

Guessing Gilbert Arenas is finally figuring out that this whole "bring your guns to work" thing isn't a joke anymore, not when he's facing a felony gun charge that could land him in the crow bar motel for five years. Arenas is said to be working a plea deal.

Speaking of jail, Theo Fleury went to Winnipeg police and detailed his sexual abuse at the hands of Graham James as a teenaged hockey player for coach James. Now, if only the cops could actually find James to bring him in and face charges. Maybe - hopefully - he's in hell.

Ari Fleisher, the genius behind George W. Bush's ill-advised "Mission Accomplished" speech under that banner on a battleship year's ago, also advised Mark McGwire. Guess that explains the "steroids didn't help" take Big Mac is working. 0 for 2, Ari.

Five NHL teams were shut out last night, another four scored only a goal, three of those losing. Where has the offence gone?

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