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Thursday, January 14, 2010

He said, he said...

The Old Has Been is making indirect guarantee's for the Minnesota Vikings, saying they'll take care of the Dallas Cowboys this weekend. He's expected to change his mind at least twice before gametime Sunday and give interviews on the subject that will be fawned over by whatever Monday Night Football crew is in place as well as John Madden, before having it changed for him. I don't often hope for guys to get hurt, but if DeMarcus Ware folds him up like a cheap tent on Sunday afternoon, I vow that I will celebrate. Old Has Been...I hate you. Sorry for telling you all what you already know.

Liverpool dropped a 2-1 decision to Reading in the FA Cup. So much for their coach Rafa Benitez' declarations that they could salvage their season with an FA Cup win.

Sports Pickle offers up Jose Canseco's latest book proposals. Great stuff from SP, as always.

Also from the Sports Pickle, they offer up the suggestion that Blake Griffin, top pick in last year's NBA draft and now out for the year, faked a rehab setback to avoid playing for the LA Clippers.

Michael Wilbon, columnist this time and not PTI talking head, looks at how the Washington Wizards and the NBA are attempting to erase Gilbert Arenas, including not being able to buy his jersey's, even if you try to customize one in ordering. Pathetic. Dude made a bad mistake, but he's not OJ Simpson. Is it me, or when leagues get over the top heavy-handed, do you end up having sympathy for the player?

The New York Mets are in the middle of another bad run of press, after centre - that's the way we spell it here, for my American friends - fielder Carlos Beltran took his treatment into his own hands after not being satisfied with the Mets care and is having the knee operated on, putting his start of the 2010 season at risk. The Mets disapprove of him having the procedure.

The more you listen to the Alex Burrows accusations that a ref had it in for the Vancouver Canuck, the more you hear about a guy who is a notorious whiner, ref baiter and one time speared a referee in the East Coast Hockey League. He may well be telling the truth, but he'd have been wise to keep his mouth shut in the absence of a witness. Wonder if referee's will now really paint a target on him? By "wonder", I mean "he is totally screwed".

Been saving these up for a bit of a slower day, as they'll still be relevant for a bit. The picture for the NFL's labour arrangement is getting bleaker by the day ahead of a rumored 2011 lockout, and the union paints a picture of a rookie wage cap, blood testing, benefit cuts, a nearly 20 percent "giveback". I'm not sure the players need to be giving back 20% or losing benefits, especially when the schedule looks like it'll be longer soon, but there's nothing wrong with a rookie cap or salary slotting because there's no way a guy who has never done a thing on the field - think JaMarcus Russell at $13 million this year - should be making more than many other proven pivots, and just $800k less than Tom Brady. Russell has earned $33 million his first three year's in the league. Blood testing? Sure, why not if you've got nothing to hide?

Have a great Thursday.


gbvh said...

Good stuff on Jose.
Speaking of, I was watching some of Cam Stewart's show yesterday (with Morency gone, I don't watch much anymore) and he said something about them trying to score an interview with Canseco.

I only had one ear on the TV, but I'm next to positive Cam said Jose asked $500 for what would have amounted to a seven-minute interview.

What a knob.

TB said...

I don't think I've seen more than a minute of Cam since Gabe left, but also preferred Drive This to their show too.

Canseco was right in a lot of ways, but he remains a first class twat.

BronxBomber said...

From the Washington Post:

Former Wizards coach Eddie Jordan and his staff privately intimated they felt undermined by Grunfeld when it came to matters of discipline with Arenas. Arenas, a notorious practical joker, often crossed the line of acceptable decorum. The example often cited was how Arenas once defecated in teammate Andray Blatche's shoe during Blatche's rookie season. His behavior often went unchecked and unpunished, said a former team employee on condition of anonymity.