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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pack Shuts Down Ravens

The winter baseball meetings are on in Indy and the talk is amounting to little so far of substance, other than the St. Louis Cardinals inking Brad Penny to a deal. Sounds like the Seattle Mariners are ready to make some noise looking at signing free agents Chone Figgins and John Lackey in a move that would weaken the division champion Anaheim Angels and give the M's a solid boost, and are in the Jason Bay market too.

The plot thickens for Eldrick Woods. One report says he had no fewer than six mistresses on the go and word is the list could grow to a dozen by week's end. Not sure why more guys like him don't go the Derek Jeter route and stay single. Jeter is routinely applauded for his collection of ladies over the years because he hasn't been married. Get married and cheat and you get what you see now with Tiger. And just this morning, we get word that someone was possibly taken from his house on a stretcher - either his wife, her sister or mother in law. This stuff is getting worse, not better.

The Toronto Blue Jays are planning on making a big splash in the draft next year, with a huge $16 million earmarked for signing draftees. Anything in even low double digits is considered big. GM Alex Anthopolous is going to do some impressive things in that role I'm guessing.

Champions League play resumes today. A defensively decimated Manchester United travel to Wolfsburg hoping to wrap up the group. Also today, Juventus hosts Bayern Munich in a match that will see the winner advance to the round of 16, though Juve gets through with a draw as well. If Marseille stun Real Madrid at home, they'd be in while Real would be out - how great would that be? And All that is off at 2:45pm Eastern with a pair of games on Rogers SportsNet.

All is not roses with the New England Patriots, and QB Tom Brady is openly questioning the teams preparations leading up to games. There's been some talk that he and Randy Moss - who rarely are seen talking during games - are not on the same page. Funny what happens to teams when they hit some rocky patches, no? Let me break it down for you, TB12: your defensive backs can't stop anybody.

The Green Bay Packers did the Pittsburgh Steelers a huge favor last night in beating the Baltimore Ravens to drop them to 5-7. That's likely one less team the Steelers will have to contend with if they're to make the playoffs.

Finally, a look at the dozen hottest NHL W.A.G.'s.

Have a great Tuesday.


B. Kennedy said...

The only way things could be worse for Eldrick is if it's revealed that it was Pacman Jones taken away on that stretcher.

bukkake said...

AJ Hawk and Clay Matthews Jr. need to get their asses to a barbershop, give the barber $10, and tell him their tired of looking like assholes.