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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Milwaukee Massacre

Under coach Norv Turner, or QB Phillip Rivers if you prefer, the San Diego Chargers have won their last 15 games in December. Of course, they're in Dallas this weekend to face Wade Phillips Cowboys who are years away from winning 15 total in December under his coaching regime.

Seem Tom Brady's comments about his teams preparations were on the money as word now comes that four Patriots, including Randy Moss, were sent home after showing up late for practice.

If you believed that the NFL's socialistic ways of propping up lower revenue franchises was bound to last forever, then you won't like hearing news that the league has pulled the plug on a revenue stream that feeds $100 million to lower end teams. Mix in an un-capped year in 2010 and things could change a whole bunch in what many view as the perfect competitive set-up.

There is talk that there is an unspoken agreement among teams to let Tim Tebow slide to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the next draft. Tebow, a local boy, could put some rears in seats and really turn the fortunes of the franchise around. That said, if I'm the Jags, I'd be real concerned that teams would let a guy - any guy - slide to me. A competitive league isn't magnanimous that way.

Speaking of Tebow, here's a look at him and the The Crying Game: The Ten Biggest Crybabies in Sports.

If you ever think you're on a bad gambling run, it could be worse, unless your name is Terrance Watanabe. T-Dub lost a mere $127 million in Vegas in a year-long gambling run.

It has been almost a week since the World Cup 2010 draw and you can see the groups, the schedule, and some scantily clad fans of each and every team here.

And if those 32 ladies aren't enough, how about just one? RM fav Bar Rafaeli, 100 pics worth.

Chad Ochocinco was fined $30,000 by the No Fun League for using a sombrero in a touchdown celebration, and says the more they increase the fines, the more he'll increase the fun factor. Love it.

After a three game winning streak gave fans some hope that the Raptors were turning it around, along came the second night of a back-to-back and they were hammered 117-95 in Milwaukee.

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