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Friday, December 11, 2009

Brown Town

Not sure there are many who figured that the Pittsburgh Steelers would lose to either the Oakland Raiders or Cleveland Browns this year, nevermind doing so in back to back weeks. Stick a fork in the defending Super Bowl champions, they are DONE after losing 13-6 last night in Cleveland. It was only the Browns second win on the year to move them to 2-11, while the Steelers fall to 6-7 on their fifth straight loss.

Former NHLer and now SportsNet hockey analyst Nik Kypreos thinks that shootout goals should count in the standings. Makes sense, when you remember his career ended with a severe concussion.

Worried that their first appearance on national TV (ESPN) in years won't look good, the Sacramento Kings went for the tried and true to pack the house next week. Free tickets? Nope. $1 beers.

Check out this long and oftentimes hilarious read from ESPN's Rick Reilly looking at tattoo's being sported by NBAers. I think Udonis Haslem wins for worst, or Kenyon Martin for (no pun intended) body of work.

Hope you're sitting down for this earth shattering news. Barry Bonds agent says his clients baseball days are over. Well, knock me over with a feather.

My hate for all-star games has been well documented in these parts, and certainly so for fan voting. Why? Because you get situations like Tracy McGrady being voted in as the starting guard for the Western Conference in the NBA All-Star game if the polls closed today. T-Mac hasn't played for most of the calendar year.

Chad Ochocinco is said to be contemplating another name change. No, really. He may drop "Ochocinco" for "Hachi Go", Japanese for "Eight Five", of course. Amazing. He should get a new name every month or something.

Not sure how good the Toronto Blue Jays will be in 2010, but their broadcasts are in for a huge improvement now that Jamie Campbell is out as play-by-play voice, and the awesome Buck Martinez is in (yes, as play-by-play). Shame the Jays couldn't pull Dan Shulman back in to partner with Buck - those two were great together.

Now that Tiger Woods is taking some abuse in public from fans, a couple PGA players are following Jesper Parnevik's lead and hammering Eldrick, or as he was dubbed on the Jim Rome Show: Adulterick. Ben Crane called him a "phony and a fake" and a "bastard" by Charles Warren, though both are now denying having made those comments.

Do yourself a favor and watch Jersey Shore, whether you've got MTV or have to download it, it must be seen.

Word to the wise, when in the presence of explosives, never dip your chewing gum into said explosives and begin to chew again. Turns out it can blow half your face off and result in death, as one Ukranian gent found out the hard way.


gbvh said...

$1 beers?
sign me up.

i didn't even know sac was having attendance troubles. thought they were (still) one of the few who weren't ... despite being a shit team.

kypreos is a buffoon.

drake said...

did anyone see this?

bahahaha. i love it

TB said...

Come on now, Drake...I had that up here last week.