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Monday, December 7, 2009

After yesterdays dramatic comeback and overtime 33-30 win at Washington, Drew Brees finally has a win when the temperatures are 45 (Fahrenheit) or colder. He's now 1-5 in those games. As for the Saints, they're now 12-0 and a have a very real shot at 16-0 with a schedule that includes Atlanta (away), Dallas (home), Tampa Bay (home) and Carolina (away).

Also undefeated are the Indianapolis Colts after their 27-17 win over a hot Tennessee Titan squad. They've got Denver (home), Jacksonville (away), NY Jets (home) and Buffalo (away) left on the dance card this season.

When Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin talked of how his squad would unleash hell this past week, pretty sure nobody figured that the hell would be on his own team and fans and not the Raiders. The Steelers were beat27-24 by the Raiders at home. Ouch. Should Baltimore win in Green Bay tonight, the Steelers run in this year will become that much more difficult.

I've heard some great sports stories over the years, but didn't hear of this one before. Check out this look at Brendan Shanahan. Honestly, this is a top five sports story ever. Find out what happens when he was treated badly as a kid by an NHLer whom he asked for an autograph. Amazing.

It is December 7th and if the NHL playoffs started today, the Detroit Red Wings would be on the outside looking in. Seems more and more like their loss to the Pittsburgh Pens in the Stanley Cup final last year was the swan song for an era.

Tennessee Titan running back Chris Johnson has three TD runs of 85 yards or more this year. No running back has more than two in a career. Amazing.

For some reason, TNA wrestling is going to start going head to head with WWE on Monday night's starting January 4th. They must really believe in Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, who clearly left the "drove WCW into extinction" bit off their resume's.

If you go 5 of 122 in anything, that's not great. In this case, that is 5 hybrid limos out of 122 parked yesterday at the Copenhagen climate talks. The Mendoza Line towers over that.

Tony Romo had a great game, a rarity for him in December, but his teammates were lacking in a 31-24 loss to the New York Giants. Check out this schedule down the stretch: vs. San Diego, at New Orleans, at Washington and home to Philadelphia. Going to be some anxious times in Big D.

If you don't follow a tonne of NCAA football, you likely still know enough to know that when USC, Oklahoma, Michigan, Notre Dame and Florida State are all unranked, as they are now, something is off.

Speaking of the NCAA, the Bowl Championship Series games were announced last night, and for added fun, one site took it upon themselves to wage a head to head battle among those team's cheerleaders. Have to like Texas here.

The Canadian men's national soccer team is expected to officially name Stephen Hart as head coach today at a 1:30pm presser. Yeah, that ought to strike fear into the hearts of opposing sides around the globe.

Frequent contributor Bukakke passes on a website that bills itself as "a new single-serving site devoted to men who probably shouldn't be allowed anywhere near children." So very worth a peak.

Have a great Monday.


gbvh said...

I had no idea TNA was going Monday nights.
Any chance they wise up and go to a four-sided ring?

ts said...

Shanahan story = gold!