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Friday, June 10, 2011

LeBron comes up small

Dallas 112 Miami 103. Hey LeBron...oh-oh!  You called that the biggest game of your life and came up with that? A sign in Dallas last night read: "not 6, not 7, not 8...points".  To that, if all goes well in Miami in the next few days, you can add "not 6, not 7, not 8...championships"  that LeBron spoke of.  I really can't think of a more despised athlete right now.  As for the game itself, ridiculously entertaining stuff.

What time is it in Vancouver?  Twelve past Luongo.  The Canucks host the Boston Bruins tonight in a pivotal game and with a world of pressure on the home side's goalie and team overall.  A quick Bruin start would be awesome to see the panic set in.  One group sure to panic is staff at the Rogers Arena.  As soon as the game is done, they'll be working frantically to get the arena ready for UFC 131 tomorrow night with Junior Dos Santos and Shane Carwin slated for what could be an explosive heavyweight main event.

For the first time ever last night, in 161 games, David Ortiz was hit by a New York Yankee pitcher. CC Sabathia finally drilled him on the leg after a couple days of talking junk and over the top celebration of a homer. You'd think that got the biggest ovation of the night at Yankee Stadium, right? Nope, when they showed LeBron and the Heatles lost, that got the biggest ovation. Ortiz blamed the media post-game for getting hit: "I finally got hit. I hope you motherfuckers are happy."  Classy.  The Sox are now 8-1 against the Yanks this year and have swept twice at Yankee Stadium. Word is in honour of the Yankees rapidly sinking season, there is talk of swapping out "God Bless America" in the 7th inning with this.

Usain Bolt says that he could and hopes to play for Manchester United "because I've watched football over the years".  If it were that easy, I'd be playing that, the NFL version, NHL and on your tube for some WWE action as well because I've "watched a lot".  Give me a break, Bolt.

TSN Radio's James Cybulski asked Dan Shulman if Jose Bautista was approaching "legendary" status.  Yeah, after a strong year and two months, the man's a legend.  Freaking please.

ProFootballTalk looks at the top NFL candidates to move to Los Angeles.  No such article appears for Toronto.

Big sports weekend ahead with both the NHL and NBA finals winding down.  We could well see the end of the NBA season for quite some time if they go lockout.  Enjoy.


gary said...

looks like the Pens may lose Max Talbot due to cap constrictions.

I've never been on skates before, but I'm asking the Pens for a tryout.

gbvh said...

That Lebron pic/graphic is awesome.

gbvh said...

Mavs win!
Anxiously awaiting the RM Lebron/Bosh digs . . .