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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Road Warriors, the Vancouver Canucks are not.  Start with goalie Roberto Luongo's and his 2010-11 playoff splits, prior to tonight: HOME 9-3, 1.84, .937, 3 SO. ROAD 5-5, and the rest of his line going into last night, since gone worse: 3.31, .892, 0 SO.  The Bruins pounded the Canucks on the boards, and the score board, for a 4-0 win that was rarely in doubt.  Oh, and if you're keeping score at home, the Canucks five goals scored in four games isn't exactly awe inspiring stuff for a team that - incredibly hilariously - that one CBC talking head compared to Barcelona but was laughing too hard to recall who said it - yeah, compare one of the best teams ever with a team that's likely to be forgotten around July even if they do win.  The Bruins scored 8 goals on Cam Neely night, and 4 on Bobby Orr night last night, and when the series goes back to Boston, they're going to be looking for a Ray Bourque night - 7 or 77 will do.  Remember, you can't spell "Canucks" without "s-u-c-k".

The San Diego Padres have been shut out 10 times in 60 games.  On the other side of the coin, the New York Yankees haven't been shut out 10 times since 1991.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders now hold the rights to Ohio State cast-off Terrelle Pryor.  Yeah, a season in Regina will really keep Pryor on the straight and narrow.  How are the tattoo shops out there?

Ecuador-Greece played a soccer exhibition match at Citi Field in New York, home of the Mets.  They drew 39,656 fans, or more than any Mets game other than home opener.  Not bad for two teams that nobody would call powerhouses, or really at all interesting.

The list of athletes who have something objectionable posted on Twitter and later claim they were hacked is a long one.  Check it out, with the subject matter that cause them to come up with that story.

The 15 grossest things in WWE history.  Can't believe Chyna didn't make the cut.

Quick on today as I'm into an all day meeting.  Boo.

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