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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Joy of Def-Heat - LeBron delivers on "not 1" portion of famed quote

One thing clear during the entire NBA Finals was that the Heat core lack humility, and even after losing last night - decisively - they weren't showing any, though in a step forward, LeBron James did stick around to shake at least Jason Kidd's hand post-game.  Over the weekend, we learned that LeBron James and Dwayne Wade were caught on camera mock coughing and sniffling, making light of Dirk Nowitzki's fever/flu going into game 5.  Not sure how that works for them, considering they lost that game. In the end, the Mavs sent the Heat to defeat with a 105-95 win last night that any non-Heat fans were ecstatic over, judging by what I saw on Twitter, Facebook and via email. 

I was thinking about the "most hated player" thing over the weekend and I've cemented LeBron James in my mind as that, particularly after last night (more on that below in the videos).  There have been guys with huge profiles that make huge jack before, and have moved teams famously.  One happens to play for my fav baseball team in New York and goes by the name of Alex RodriguezA-Rod has had a penchant for putting his foot in his mouth as much as Fred Flintstone in his prime, as does LeBron.  But a few things A-Rod never did was hammer his previous team/city and in fact, hometown the way LeBron did.  Nor did he make bold promises of seven plus championships before ever taking the floor (or field) with his new team.  And when A-Rod had some playoff failures, he owned them. Not LeBron, he repeatedly points the finger at teammates both current and former and betrays his obvious talent and ability.  A-Rod didn't talk down a media member the way LeBron did in telling him to watch the game-tape after Game 5 again and he "might come up with a better question tomorrow" for why LeBron disappeared.  Which brings us to the next point, and one where you can't discuss A-Rod at all. I'm not sure there is a worse thing that you can be called in sport than a quitter, and we've seen twice now that LeBron has been referred to as a quitter.  Last year against Boston he completely shut down and mailed in game five.  This year, he did the same repeatedly in the Finals, averaging all of three points in the fourth quarter for the series.  And even after Dallas Mav DeShawn Stevenson very publicly said it wasn't the Mavs defence that marginalized LeBron in Game 5 - a game LeBron was quoted as saying was do or die and the biggest of his life - and after noted hard man Chris Bosh (severe sarcasm there, folks) said they needed more of him, and Dwayne Wade said they needed more assertiveness from LeBron, he didn't exactly crank it up last night, did he?  This guys fear of failure is damn impressive, but it doesn't lift him, it overwhelms him.  LeBron James: quitter.  Until proven otherwise, a big game nothing.  A passenger.  I love it.

The line of the post-game pressers last night went to a strangely-silent-til-after-the-game Mark Cuban: "who gives a fuck about Lebron James?"  Well put, MC.  Enjoy that title.  And in a little blast from the past, check out this article from last November in which Cuban warned LeBron that no team have ever signed a couple free agents and automatically went on to win.   

LeBron James took to Twitter to say that God said it wasn't his time to win.  Yeah, the NBA Finals is right up there on God's "to do" list, LeBron.  Grow the hell up.

The very hilarious and over the top HaHaWhitePpl post-game on Twitter: The only thing King James is the King of, is never winning a fucKING championship.

Cleveland Plain Dealer headline: "Decision: Mavs!" 

Love the news that the Mavs brought the trophy, ugly though it may be, to the same club where LeBron's mom was arrested earlier this year.

Nevermind "Real Sports", MLSE really should have named their sports bar The Draught Lottery.  Admittedly, stolen by some random person on Twitter.

After Vancouver won Game 5, the Canucks attempted to sell the broadcast rights to their Stanley Cup parade. NHL said no. Karma has yet to respond, but it will get a chance tonight as these two go at it in Boston for Game 6 with the Canucks having a chance to close it off, despite only scoring six goals in five games to date.  It says here this series is going seven, and the Bruins will win it.

In 45 seconds, LeBron James clearly illustrates he's the biggest motherfucker in sports.  

Adolf Hitler weighs in on LeBron's flame out and the Mavs victory. 

Vancouver Whitecap Eric Hassli scores maybe the best goal I've seen in my life.  Incredible.  So good the fans in Seattle even applauded him for it.
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gbvh said...

Smacketh layetdth downeth!!
Worth the wait

And, yes, that soccer goal was fucking incredible.

gbvh said...


Miami paper mistakenly declares Heat champions

Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade (L) and teammate LeBron James wait to leave the stadium after losing the NBA Championship to the Dallas Mavericks in Miami, June 12, 2011. (REUTERS/Joe Skipper)

MIAMI - The Miami Herald mistakenly ran an advertisement from a U.S. retailer in its Monday edition congratulating the Miami Heat for winning the NBA title a day after they lost to the Dallas Mavericks in the championship series.

The paper ran a large ad from Macy’s Inc pronouncing “Congratulations Miami” and promoting official championship gear at its stores.

The ad has pictures of a hat declaring the Heat as 2011 NBA champions as well as four different T-shirts with phrases such as “Raise Another Banner” and “Champions.”

Text in the middle of the ad reads “Celebrate the 2011 NBA champions with official merchandise from Adidas! Men’s locker room tees available today with more styles for him, her & kids arriving daily.”

The Herald was not immediately available for comment but its website has posted a correction that reads: “A Macy’s advertisement featuring Miami Heat merchandise was mistakenly published June 13 ... in some editions of The Miami Herald. We regret the error and apologize for any inconvenience.”

The Mavericks ended three decades of frustration by winning their first NBA championship after defeating the favoured Heat 105-95 on Sunday for a 4-2 series win.

B. Kennedy said...

That Hitler video was the best I've ever seen. Kicked out of the DMV, Camilla good at H-O-R-S-E, LeBron doesn't have four quarters, it's a French name so no wonder he surrenders in the fourth - all epic. I also loved that the editor managed to tie in the audible "S.S." and "Stalin"! Thanks for sharing.