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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Check out the shirt Dallas Maverick DeShawn Stevenson was rocking on Sunday night.  If you can't guess, he's asking Lebron "how's my Dirk taste".  Beautiful.  We'll forgive the lack of a question mark.  Guys with neck ink are not to be messed with.

Not sure which I like better: "Luongoal", "LeBrongo" or "LuGongShow".  Either way, Roberto Luongo is a shell of himself when he's outside the comforts of home ice.  Luongo lasted all of three goals and less than a period last night as the Boston Bruins evened the Stanley Cup Finals at 3-3 with a 5-2 win.  Maybe he shouldn't have been talking so much junk about the Bruins and how Tim Thomas hasn't been as forthcoming with compliments for Luongo as Luongo has of Thomas?  Maybe that's because Thomas knows he's a mirage on the road?  Game 7 goes tomorrow night and it says here the Bruins win it.  They've been close in every game in Van City and the Canucks aren't suddenly going to grow a pair after how badly they were abused last night, the Sedin twins in particular.  If the Bruins score another pair quick, Luongo might not only not finish the game, he might well be done in Canucks colours, which I'm told would be his preference in any case.

The Canucks will be minus Mason Raymond if early reports of him having suffered a fractured vertebrae in that strange hit just 20 seconds into the game.

Bodog has its 2012 NBA championship odds up.  Some notables: Miami Heat (5/2), LA Lakers (11/2), Chicago Bulls (6/1), Oklahoma City Thunder (8/1), Dallas Mavs (10/1) Boston Celts (12/1), San Antonio Spurs (20/1).  Bodog gives the Toronto Raptors an NBA-worst 150-1 odds to win the 2012 title. Seems reasonable.

How big is first goal in this year's Stanley Cup? The team scoring first has won every game in the Stanley Cup final, as has the home team. 

It dawned on me this morning that back in December, when the Cleveland Cavaliers were hammered in LA by the Lakers, LeBron James took to Twitter and spoke of God seeing all and karma coming into play.  If that was the case then, LBJ, it is double the case now.  Enjoy, loser.  I love that in years prior he would argue he didn't have enough help.  Now, he's in the "didn't help enough" group.  LeBron's 8.9 point drop off from his regular season points per game average to what he averaged in the Finals is also historically the biggest drop off of any player.  Here are the top jokes at LeBron's expense.  The Miami Sun-Sentinel says that the Heat could be broken down to just the Big 2.5 this off-season.  Me, I wouldn't be shocked to see them move Chris Bosh.

That's all for today, I've kicked the wounded dog named LeBron enough. 

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gbvh said...

That shirt is awesome.
And that an opposing player is wearing it -- awesomer.