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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

While most will love to hear that the Cleveland Cavaliers pounded the Miami Heat last night - 102-90 - and even more will laugh at LeBron James for being "in the bathroom" during player introductions, after showing up to the arena wearing a jacket saying "Long Live The King".  Nobody will have enjoyed the win more than boxer Floyd "Money" Mayweather, who dropped $50,000 on the Cavs to cover the +12.5.

If Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski will ever leave that program to take an NBA job, you'd have to think this summer and the LA Lakers might be the time and place with Phil Jackson seeming committed to retirement.  He's been close before to heading to the Lakeshow, by his own admission, and certainly is tight with Kobe Bryant by all indications.

It is a felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge for Tampa Bay Buc Aqib Talib, and his mother.  It could be worse, he could've used Evan Longoria's AK-47.

Not sure what this means, but 11 of the Washington Nationals players are Scott Boras clients.  Maybe he's got an ownership stake we don't know about? 

Somebody didn't let the 5,000-1 odds scare them from dropping a tenner on VCU to win the NCAA tourney, and now they're a mere two wins away from a killer $50,000 payday.

Speaking of gambling, here are the odds on the Toronto Blue Jays finishes in the division, as well as over/under for attendance, at  1st 16/1, 2nd 7/1, 3rd 2/1, 4th 3/2 5th 2/1. Jays average attendance Over/Under is 20,000.  

The Ultimate Fighter's new season starts tonight on UFC's exclusive Canadian partner in SportsNet.  Note the nice scar under Brock Lesnar's left eye that was left by Cain Velasquez when he took the Heavyweight title several months back.

Tom Verducci at looks at 11 storylines heading into the 2011 MLB season, which of course starts tomorrow afternoon.  Here are some more MLB predictions from Ken Rosenthal.

If you didn't get your final vote in for Colin Cowherd's Rock Band March Madness, you're too late.  The winners are...The Beatles.

Why the Ottawa Senators, and their fans, suck:

I love that Chad Ochocinco loves soccer, as you can see in the joy on his face when told he'll get to play in a reserve game, and spoke in glowing terms about the talents he's seen while working out with Sporting Kansas City, but watching this background vid below, it is clear to me he should be around a pro soccer about as much as Michael Jackson belonged around a kids tee-ball game.  Simply put, he's terrible.

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