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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opening Day!!

Opening Day of the MLB season is here, and it is always one of my personal favorite days of the sporting year.  Still don't understand why MLB hasn't thought to open in warmer, southern cities or domes as much as possible, and am sure there will be that debate renewed the first time a city gets hit with heavy cold or snow in the next couple weeks.  At any rate, in honour of the season starting, here are 40 celebs, mostly hot, throwing out opening pitches.  ESPN's panel of experts have their predictions for who we'll be seeing in the playoffs come October, and who will come out as the World Series winner.  If you hate the Boston Red Sox, you will not be happy as 33 of 45 picked the Sox to win the World Series.    UniWatch covers the latest in team jersey's.  Didn't know the Jays were ditching the powdered blues.

It doesn't matter who beat them, but the Detroit Red Wings, who have been good for what feels like decades now, got pounded 10-3 last night by the St. Louis Blues.  That won't do wonders for the question marks around their goaltending heading into the playoffs in less than two weeks.

I'm sure that Toronto FC will be thrilled to hear their highest paid player, Julian De Guzman, say this of his club: “I’ve never had a chance to be a part of an organized [soccer] structure since I’ve been here, and once I am fit I’m looking forward to being a part of this system.”  JDG is at least a few weeks away from health.

If sports leagues aren't concerned about head injuries, they haven't been paying attention to articles like these on Boston Bruin Marc Savard, who continues to suffer from memory loss, post-concussion symptoms and memory loss.

An over/under of 96.5 for Philadelphia Phillies wins?  I'll bet the under on that.  I don't care if  you've added Cliff Lee, an offence that struggled last year loses Jayson Werth and now sees Chase Utley "hoping" to be back at the All-Star break cannot be good.

If New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera were given a nickname, "Metronome" might be about right.  He has been a closer for 14 years. In his first seven seasons as a closer, 1997-2003, Rivera led the majors with 278 saves. In his second seven seasons as a closer, 2004-2010, Rivera led the majors with 276 saves.  That tank is not close to empty.

Yankees and Tigers on Sportsnet at 1pm, if you've "got an appointment" to make this afternoon.  Word is the weather is cold and rainy, so if it goes, an "over" play on 8 might be in order.

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