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Thursday, March 3, 2011

RM noon edition

Baseball analyst Keith Law from ESPN took the lumber to the Toronto Blue Jays extension of Jose Bautista on the Baseball Today podcast yesterday.   The good folks at Drunk Jays Fans (plural?) took the time to transcribe it.  In short: Law thinks it is a bad deal, that will get worse, and fast.

After all his recent deadline moves, Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon will be about $40 million under the projected salary cap when summer hits.  Not sure I've heard of an NHL team with even close to that much room since the cap era began.

Says Colin Cowherd of the idea that anybody can win in the NFL with its cap system: "Really?  When is the last time that Buffalo, Jacksonville, Houston, Detroit, Washington, Carolina or Cincinnati were good or a threat to win?"  Caps may help, but they don't cure bad management.

Former NHLer Bob Probert, who died last year at the age of 45, was revealed yesterday to have degenerative brain disease.   What a freaking sad state for humanity when the human skull isn't strong enough to protect your gray matter from damage from repeated pounding to the cranium in "part of the game" fights.

The current NFL labour deal expires at midnight tonight, which is about the time the stories of players needing loans from other players will start.  Oh, nevermind, that is already happening.

UFC Live goes tonight on SportsNet One at 9pm with the always entertaining Diego Sanchez fighting Martin Kampmann in what should be a dynamite main event.  Rest of the card here.

SI and CBS News worked together on a piece that looked at NCAA football and the number of players charged with crime among teams that were ranked in the Top 25 at a given point in time.  Perhaps inspired by the main man NFLer in their town, the Pitt Panthers led the NCAA with 22 players arrested at one time or another.  Now, either the law enforcement is something spectacular in Pittsburgh, or there's a problem.  Only TCU - Texas Christian University - showed up with no arrested players, so they're living up to their name anyways.  Nearly 40% of the charges were for serious crimes including 56 violent crimes such as assault and battery (25 cases), domestic violence (6), aggravated assault (4), robbery (4) and sex offenses (3).  And to think the NCAA is only worried about protecting its BCS so players aren't out of school more.  How about keeping them out of the Crowbar Motel?

If you're not following The Iron Sheik on Twitter, your life is worse for it.

After three errors in the first inning led to six runs, a couple Chicago Cubs scuffled in the dugout.  And here I thought spring training games didn't matter. 

Stacey Keibler, Esquire, your underwear are a touch too small, and that's a-ok.  And this video of Mila Kunis has me in a trance, and thinking she needs some Chapstick.

If you think that big suspensions act as a deterent to repeating, then you haven't seen Trevor Gillies, fresh off a 9-game ban after the New York Islanders gooned it up against Pittsburgh, trying to maim Cal Clutterbuck of the Minnesota Wild.  When did clean hits in the NHL suddenly demand a player automatically retaliates by dropping his gloves or cheap shotting someone?

Keith Jones and Mike Milbury weren't impressed, though I think Jones is way off in saying there's only "one meathead" in the NHL.

Don Cherry, who I openly and proudly despise, must be given credit for essentially predicting a concussion for Sidney Crosby a year ago, though I still say - and most do - that it wasn't an intentional hit that did him in against Washington's David Steckel as Sid circled in to him while Steckel looked to go up ice, it was a collision.  This may have rung his bell, but this one the next game from Tampa Bay's Victor Hedman sealed the deal.


Joe said...

I just looked at the Iron Sheik's Twitter account. Don't think I'm missing out on anything.

TB said...

I make you humble.

KD said...

The Iron Sheik and his "Intelligent Jew Agent" are the funniest thing to hit Twitter. Ever.

What's just as funny is the 'Word Verification' I have to enter below is:


B. Kennedy said...

Bosh with another "stellar" performance tonight: 5/15 from the floor, only 3 trips to the line and only 5 boards. Oh, and he had 4 of his shots blocked.