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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Miami Heat: an awesome choke job. Again.

That's Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon, future member of The Nasty Boys.

I have to say, I'm starting to love what the Miami Heat are capable of.  For the second time this week, they absolutely choked away a huge lead - 24 points in the third quarter - and ended up losing a 99-96 decision, at home, to the Orlando Magic.  So much for LeBron's Twitter proclamations yesterday that he's "ready for war the last 20 games".  The Heat are now 14-16 against teams that are currently .500 or better.  That sure don't play well for the playoffs, does it?  Chris Bosh was a lovely 5 of 15 from the field, continuing his recent run of excremental play.  For the Magic, Gilbert Arenas is looking a lot more Agent Zero in shooting 15 of 26 from three point range now (3 of 5 last night), and channeling John Cena.

Bruce Arthur at The National Post says the revelations that Bob Probert had degenerative brain issues when he died is just the start for the NHL, and they're about to get more of that as ten other players have agreed to have their brains studied when they go for the dirt nap. Arthur says a total ban on head shots is coming.

There's talk of extending the NFL labour negotiations - 24 hours or as much as 10 days depending who you believe - and Michael McCann at SI gives you 10 things you should know about the potential lockout.

Since 1981, the NBA has had all of eight (8) champions.

TSN's Darren Dreger looks at what a Phoenix Coyotes move out of the desert could mean for alignment.

Bret Hart (@HitmanBretSHart) called @HulkHogan4Real "a dickhead" yesterday.  I love Twitter.

25 Worst Jersey Fails.  No, not the look of the jersey, the spelling of player or team names.

Anybody who takes over two years and 13,776 cross stitches to come up with something - is it a quilt? - has some time on their hands.  But when it is the Motley Crue "Shout At The Devil" cover, I have to be impressed.

Check out the telestrator work in a recent Buffalo and New York Rangers hockey game.  My inner teenager loved it.

Referee Damien Rubino handed out a whopping 36 red cards in Tuesday's Argentine fifth division match between Claypole and Victoriano Arenas.  No really, 36.

And not to be outdone for nutty South American soccer happenings, check out this Columbian player stalk over to an owl that had been hit by a ball and put the boots to it.

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