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Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend wrap...

Nevermind all the sporting events of the past weekend, for me the best story has to be that of Chelsea defender Ashley Cole shooting a club intern in the locker room while toting a he-says-he-didn't-know-it-was-loaded pellet gun around.  Incredible. I'm sure the legions that hate Cole will really back off now that the word is out he's got himself a pellet gun that he's not afraid to unload in somebody.

The pre-season games have barely started for baseball, and already Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen is stoking the fire in a war of words with former reliever Bobby Jenks It has gotten so bad that Jenks new manager with the Boston Red Sox, Tito Francona. has intervened and asked both to cool it.  Are you like me, and hoping at some point Jenks drills say Adam Dunn, just to see the reaction?

UFC 127 went down on Saturday from Sydney, Australia and the main even saw BJ Penn and Jon Fitch battle to a draw.  Lame.  Not sure why if two judges see a draw and one favors one of the fighters - Fitch, as it were - he doesn't get the decision.  I know it is majority, but what about the tie-breaker?  Anyways, strong card overall and you can read up on it all here.

The NBA is said to be contemplating a "franchise" tag in the same way the NFL has one to make it easier for teams to keep star players.  I'm sure the Toronto Raptors, Utah Jazz and Denver Nuggets will be thrilled to see that come in a year or so after losing their franchise players.  Oh, and the Cleveland Cavaliers, too.

Dave Perkins at the Toronto Star wrote a great piece on parity in the NBA and dropped a couple gems of information: More than half of the 64 NBA championships have been won by two teams - the Boston Celtics (17) and LA Lakers (15) - and three teams have won 15 of the last 20 titles. And this: "look no further than major league baseball, which has never been healthier financially. MLB has been riding a good long upward swell and the main reason for it is that the New York Yankees got good again, about 15 years ago. Sponsors, networks and at least the Red Sox responded and fans elsewhere had a common enemy to hate."  The Yankees and a half dozen team that have won combined haven't won 15 of 20, much less more than half of 64.

So if a salary cap means more parity as some believe, why is it that the Toronto team in the non-cap league has the best chance to do damage in the foreseeable future?
It was Paul Henderson night at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on Saturday. Henderson, most would recall, scored the big goal for Canada in the 1972  Summit Series. So who scores the opening goals? In order, #19 Joffrey Lupul, followed by #72 Alexei Kovalev. Freaky. Also freaky?  The Leafs will host the Pittsburgh Penguins in consecutive home games.  Am sure scalpers are thrilled that Sidney Crosby is at home in Cole Harbour kicking back.

Absolutely loved the New York Knicks win - as a +9.5 point underdog, no less - over the Miami Heat last night.  The Heat scored 34 in the first, and then all of 50 the rest of the way.  Chris Bosh put in a strong night again, going 5 of 15 from the floor, and LeBron James wasn't there when they needed it late either.91-86 Knicks was the final.

The 30 Sexiest Canadian Women.  Just because.

It may cost what was a very promising year and a shot at another Stanley Cup, but have to credit the Pittsburgh Penguins for being ultra cautious with Sidney Crosby.

With $52 million or so coming off their payroll after this season, might the Boston Red Sox be a bidder for Albert Pujols?

The Cleveland Cavaliers have won four times since November. Twice against the Knicks.

In 14 Serie A games against the bottom half of the standings, Juventus have won 4, drawn 6 and lost 4.  That will put the boots to any championship hopes, regardless of league.

Check out Jose Canseco's bio on The Apprentice page dedicated to his entry this coming season.  Yeah, those Baseball Hall of Fame vets must be just itching to get him in.

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo got engaged to SI covergirl Irina Shayk on Valentine's Day weekend.  Says "After getting down on one knee to propose, he then writhed in 'agony' for 20 minutes, grasping his ankle and howling like a spider monkey."  It was a Chris Bosh impression.

How is this hit from New York Ranger Derek Stepan on Washington Capital Mike Green not even a penalty?  This should be suspension worthy, easy. 

Epic Meal Time, the outtakes...

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