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Monday, January 3, 2011

Weekend wrap

Great picture at right, though I'm sure the NFL will clamp down on "Sterger #69" jersey's before this update makes it to the interweb.

And speaking of Brett Favre, All you need to know about his priorities: he wore a hat with #4 on it yesterday, not a Vikings hat, and didn't stick around for handshakes. What did the Vikes expect for a guy making $20 million this season? Here's hoping we never have to see him again or hear a word about him that doesn't conclude with how old he was when he died.

Seldom have I ever seen a guy take a beating for five minutes the way Frankie Edgar did in defending his lightweight title Saturday night against Gray Maynard - who yours truly met in Vegas in November - and stick around for a second round.  Maynard hit Edgar with 97 shots in the opening round, most staggering bombs, and Edgar survived to work his way into a draw, though I haven't a clue how one judge scored him a 48-46 winner.  UFC President Dana White says that Anthony Pettis - the guy that executed that ridiculous Matrix-style kick last month - will step aside while these two stage a rematch.  Makes sense.  And in other great UFC news, Brittney Palmer made her ring girl debut for UFC after a run in the WEC.  Me likey.

The Canadian World Junior entry were hardly awe inspiring in a 4-1 win over Switzerland that wasn't salted away til well into the third.  They've got a date with the host American team - though you won't know they're host with the crowd likely to be 2/3rds Canadian in Buffalo - and will have to be far, far better if they're to advance to the final.

Canadian World Junior coach Dave Cameron says "there are three or four" legitimate teams in the tourney. So worst case, you've got a 75% shot at medalling if form holds.  And TSN pumps it up like it is the be all, end all. 

The New England Patriots are 82-3 when winning turnover battle since 2001 and 13-0 this year.  Nobody was even close to them this year for protecting the ball. They turned it over 9 times. Second? Kansas City with 12.

The puckhead's screaming about the poor quality of ice leading to a decrease in competitive integrity (because all 82 games are equally fought by every team), or the glare of the stadium light's in Pittsburgh are missing the point. This event is about promoting the league first and foremost, and with the ratings it draws, it isn't going away. The elements are part of the story, and a game played in cold, snow, fog or whatever other element is always going to beat an arena game for the casual fan anyways.  Besides, we wouldn't get GIF's like this Alex Ovechkin spill.  Oh, the Caps won 3-1.

Tampa Bay Bolt Steven Stamkos scored 61 goals during 2010, the calendar year.  Nobody scored more.

The New Orleans Saints loss yesterday ensured they'd play Seattle instead of Philadelphia. I wouldn't go so far as to suggest they were looking to lose yesterday, but you might.   Looks like the NFL is going with a "last in, first out" approach for the NFC West winner.  Despite a 7-9 record, the Seahawks make the playoffs.  All nine losses were by 15+ points, for those interested in that kind of thing.

A mere 75 days until Toronto FC has its curtain raiser on the 2011 season.  So far, they're without a GM, a coach, possibly have lost their captain, and have about a half dozen holes to fill (at least).  Other than that, all is well.

UFC 129 in Toronto will see Georges St. Pierre defend his Welterweight title against Jake Shields, and Randy Couture take on Lyoto Machida. There's supposed to be at least one more major fight, likely Brock Lesnar

It has been over a week now since Christmas, and The Sports Pickle tells us that Rex Ryan is very disappointed that he received socks for Christmas.  The question remains, however, is did his wife?

Not a fan of any soccer game that has to go to penalty kicks as it isn't a great way to decide a game.  But it did provide this moment.  Yep, that's a player springing a leak at midfield as he awaits the shootout.

An awesome collection of great sports quotes from 2010 in the National Post.

Paul Daugherty at Sports Illustrated says "why not?" to whether athletes should be allowed to use performance enhancing drugs.  Interesting take.

The New York Yankees had their hearts set on a former Cleveland Indian, former Cy Young Award winner, and they just may deliver him after all in the form of...Bartolo Colon

In 2011, I need this in my life more, or at least some.  No clue how it works, but every sports team should have this in their buildings.


BronxBomber said...

Haven't been following closely but I thought TFC were dropping the interim label from their current gm Cochrane.

Also, almost certain they hired Aron Winter as a head coach, 3 year deal, good me wrong though I been spaced out since mid-December.

gbvh said...

Photo no show up. Damn!

hi said...

No idea who Paul Daugherty is, but he is a man of sense.

gbvh said...

I just switched from hockey to soccer.
Going from Pierre McGuire to Ray Hudson ... ahhh.