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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oh, Canada

As bed shittings go, last night's was absolutely spectacular (craptacular?).  Up 3-0 in the third, Canada managed to lose 5-3 and deserved every bit of it to a hard charging Russian team.  Cannot recall a more amazing flameout.

Some Tuesday night hockey attendance figures.  From the NHL: 12,000 in Denver, 8,000 in Phoenix, and 13,000 in New JerseyWashington and Edmonton were both sell-outs.  Meanwhile, in Winnipeg for the World Under 17 finals, 12,000 showed up.  Take a hint, Gary Bettman.  Go where people care.

Word is that three lottery tickets and Blake Griffin are entering the NBA's usually irrelevant, but suddenly slightly interesting Slam Dunk Contest BG is a beast.

Fans of the home team tend to bet the home team, regardless of sport.  So this NFL season must've been a good one for the people of Detroit.  Their Lions were 13-3 against the spread this year.

Toronto FC will confirm their new management hires today with a 1pm presser in Toronto.  Nice work, especially since the team is due in Turkey in a month for a pair of friendlies against Dinamo Zagreb, Croatian champion, and Partizan Belgrade, Serbian champion.

As speculated yesterday, Robbie Alomar and - finally! - Bert Blyleven were finally chosen to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Denied again was Jack Morris.  Joke.

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