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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Prediction? Pain...."

Canada faces Russia tonight in the World Junior Hockey Championship's gold medal game in Buffalo, Ontario New York.  Puck drop is 7:30pm on TSN.  It is hard to imagine Canada playing as air tight a game as they did in Monday's semi-final win over the U.S., but they also beat Russia in group play with a less than air-tight performance.  Prediction? I'll say Canada, but leave it to Clubber Lang to deliver

Baseball's Hall of Fame voting goes today and you can bet that Roberto Alomar gets in, which I'm sure the Toronto Blue Jays will be whoring for the next decade or two.  Question is, which Jays hat does he wear?  The old school one?  The one with the stylized "T", the one with the Maple Leaf?  So many decisions.  Me, I'm not sure how Jack Morris isn't in yet - he was as reliable as a starter got in his day.  Tom Verducci looks at the ballot and assesses the field, and Jayson Stark says baseball needs to address the steroids era or they'll likely have a year or several where there is an empty podium.

The Miami Dolphins are said to be chasing both Bill Cowher and Jim Harbaugh as their future head coaches.  Can't lose with either guy, but then again, it is the Dolphins we're talking about.

The Guardian UK looks at David Beckham's latest footsie match with a team other than his own LA Galaxy and concludes he hasn't exactly been a great investment for the Galaxy with no championships delivered and constant flirting with European clubs in the off-season, and sliding impact on the MLS as a whole.  He might want to remember who threw him a face-saving life-raft when nobody else was interested in him as his days at Real Madrid drew to a close.  Also, how does Beck's figure he'll get any time at Spurs when they've got Luka Modric, Rafael Van der Vaart, Gareth Bale, Aaron Lennon, Niko Kranjcar, Jermaine Jenas, all younger, faster and almost all better, options?

Speaking of Bale and Real, they are said to be ready to make a big offer to Tottenham to snag out-of-this-world midfielder Gareth Bale this month.  Don't do it, SpursInter Milan, AC Milan and Juventus are said to be lurking for an off-season bid.  Again, don't do it, Spurs.

Check out the best animated sports GIF's of 2010.  Some awesome stuff here.  Love the Lakers entry at #40, and of course #5.  Here's my personal fav.

LeBron James has dubbed his Miami Heat "The Heatles", because they sell so many tickets on the road.  Very, very lame.

If you've got 10 minutes or so to spare, I can guarantee you love this Fail 2010 compilation.


Joe said...

I want Morris in the HOF too. I love that guy.

The fail video was fantastic, with the exception of the techno music they started playing near the end. Looks like there were some serious, serious injuries!

TB said...

Morris denied again. But Gobby and (finally) Blyleven made the grade.

My fav in the video had to be the last dude cheering while a house (his house?) was engulfed in the background.

Joe said...

The woman wading through flood waters and then cracking her head against that pole was one of the funniest.