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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The ground shook?

When Troy Palomalou plays the last two years, the Pittsburgh Steelers are 15-4 when he plays, and 6-7 when he doesn't

The Seattle Seahawks already own a road win over the Chicago Bears this year as 7-point underdogs.  They couldn't, could they?  A seismologist in the Pacific Northwest U.S. was curious to see if there was any movements in Seattle when Marshawn Lynch scored that ridiculous touchdown on Saturday, and believe it or not, he found that the ground did indeed shake.  Incredible. 

Jason Whitlock takes a look at this past weekend's NFL action and says that compared to Michael Vick, Peyton Manning has some maturing to do when it comes to being a player.  Wonder if The Manning Myth survives the fact he's now sub-.500 over 19 (NINETEEEN) career playoff starts?  Manning is 9-10, with an 88.4 QB rating, 29 TD's and 19 INT's.

No big shock that Barcelona's Lionel Messi was named FIFA's player of the year for the second straight time.  He's just that good.

The Philadelphia Eagles are now one of eight teams in four major professional sports with no titles in 50 seasons.  The others: Chicago Cubs, Arizona Cardinals, Cleveland Indians, Sacramento Kings, Detroit Lions, Atlanta Hawks and Minnesota Vikings.

The war of words is getting good in the lead up to the New York Jets visit to New England this weekend, though the Patriots aren't really biting.  I haven't a clue why Rex Ryan is talking at all after the curb stomping the Patriots delivered just weeks back, but he's at it. 

Cam Cole at the Vancouver Sun writes that it is time that the NHL ban head shots of any kind - but what to do with fighting then? - if they're to get serious.  Funny that Sidney Crosby is now speaking out about head shots in the same way.  Don't recall him saying too much when Marc Savard was decked by Pittsburgh Penguin Matt Cooke last year.  Hypocrisy aside, the NHL would be wise to listen to Crosby.  He's the face of the game and with him out with a concussion, you can't do much more to highlite the problem than that. 

Andre Agassi was at a charity auction in Taiwan last week, and offered to show a winning bidder a naked picture of his wife Steffi Graf on his cell phone if the winning bid was over $4,000.  And when the extra money came through, he delivered.

A ridiculous buzzer beating shot in a high school hoops game in Ohio.

Sir Charles Barkley receives and demos "The Shake Weight".

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