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Thursday, January 13, 2011

"God sees everything!"

The Cleveland Cavaliers were absolutely crushed by the LA Lakers two nights ago, 112-57, or two points shy of a double up for those that aren't mathletes here.  In response, LeBron James took to Twitter and hammered out this: "Crazy. Karma is a bitch. Gets you every time. It's not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!"  So in addition to being a self-absorbed prick, 'bron is now tight with God.  Good to know.  Oh, LeBron?  Karma may indeed be a "bitch", but your mother is a teammate banging whore.  Nobody's perfect.  Enjoy your knees while they last.  You're looking gimpier by the day.  I'll cheer for an all-star team of war criminals before I pull for the Miami Heat to win anything.  And not surprisingly, LeBron now says it wasn't him that hit wrote it on Twitter.  Uh-huh.

Looks like Brock Lesnar will have at least one more fight for the UFC. He'll be one of the coaches in the next season of the always awesome The Ultimate Fighter. Junior dos Santos will coach the other squad, and the two will tangle at the conclusion in June. As always, Spike and SportsNet will be airing the show, beginning March 30th.

50 NFL playoff fails, with video.

A lot of hate flying around ahead of the NFL divisional games this weekend.  We'll start with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens, who will meet for the 8th time in 28 months.  Baltimore coach John Harbaugh threw some gas on the fire by saying he's glad the Ravens broke Ben Roethlisberger's nose.

No shortage of talking ahead of the New York Jets visit to New England, with cornerback and breeder Antonio Cromartie going nuclear on Tom Brady, calling him an "asshole" and cracking on him for pointing at the Jets sidelines after a touchdown pass in the Pats 45-3 win a few weeks back, which only the Jets are referencing.  In typical Pats fashion, they're not talking back.  If the Pats start out quick, they're going to make that 45-3 shredding look like a warmup and there won't be a thing Mark Sanchez will be able to do to bring them back.

Look under 'L' column in the NHL standings: Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton all have 20 already.

The NFL players union has a real big issue with an 18-game schedule.

The Office won't be back with a new episode until next week, but for now, try on the 25 best "that's what she said" moment's in comic books.

Brett Favre's sister Brandi was arrested for producing and selling crystal meth.  Gonna be a banner year in the Favre household.

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