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Friday, January 14, 2011

Baltimore Raven Terrell Suggs has a message for the good people of Pittsburgh on his t-shirt at right.

Some playoff stats to be aware of heading into the weekend: since 1976, in the Divisional Round, favorites are 86-33 straight up, and 64-52-3 against the spread.  Interestingly, almost half (56 of 120 games) have been decided by 14 points or more.  Loads more here, including break downs by margin of victory, against spread and so on.

Not sure how you can be called a "Professor" but you're not smart enough to realize that rolling down to Philadelphia in Green Bay Packers gear and a Wisconsin license plate last weekend might be a bad idea.

Toronto Maple Leafs coach Ron Wilson leads all current NHL coaches in wins (600) but he also leads in losses (519).  So Toronto can say it had guys in those positions in two sports now, with former Raptors coach Lenny Wilkins leading both categories during his stay in Toronto.

With MLB all-time saves leader Trevor Hoffman retiring with 601 career saves, New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera starts the 2011 season 42 saves behind. Only injury would stop him from blowing that away with a two-year deal in his back pocket.  30 days until pitchers and catchers report.

Here's one reason the Washington Capitals might be struggling this year:  they are scoring exactly one goal less (2.82) per game than last year (3.82).

I keep hearing that Apple has an app for everything on their iPhone's and iPad's, and with a "Fireman Ed" app - the guy that gets the "J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets!" chant going, there may well be.

The New York Yankees may have some concerns about the back end of their rotation in particular, but they're about certain to have the best bullpen in the game now that they've signed former Tampa Bay Ray closer Rafael Soriano to play set-up man for Mariano Rivera and potentially succeed Mo if he ever slows down and loses his dominance.

Hot girls wearings sports jersey's.  Exactly what it sounds like.

Not surprisingly, RM didn't make Brett Favre's Christmas card list - an eCard, of course - but friend to all Bukakke passed me said eCard so I wouldn't feel too terribly left out.

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