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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jets tripping

Now that he's retired, Brett Favre and his true love - no, not Jenn Sterger - finally got around to getting married like they've long planned yesterday.  Good luck, you crazy kids.

Seems the New York Jets defence isn't taking well to coach Rex Ryan saying they weren't good enough on Sunday in their 10-6 loss to Miami Says defensive end Shaun Ellis: "I guess we needed a shutout."  Think there's a divide in that team between the offence and defence?  I'd bet that.  Hard.  Former Miami Dolphin (among others) Zach Thomas looks at the tripping incident Sunday in the Jets/Dolphins game and provides pretty compelling evidence that the Jets lined up people to get in the way intentionally with Sal Alosi tripping a Dolphin, as we all now know.  Dirty.

Very classy of UEFA boss Michel Platini and FIFA boss Sepp Blatter to pile on the losing bids for the World Cups in 2018 and 2022.  Platini calls the Qatar win for 2022 "something beautiful" while BlatterEngland "bad losers" called for their complaints in the aftermath of the 2018 vote in which Blatter declared England the best technical bid that ended up receiving all of two votes, most likely given Blatter's huge influence over the lesser lights that comprise most of the voting committee.  Franz Beckenbauer, as respected a man as there is in the game, hammered FIFA for the leaking of vote totals, which were to be secret, and said he's lost confidence in the organization of which he is a part.  Oh, it gets better:  there's now word that Qatar paid $10 million for each FIFA vote.

Wallace Matthews at says Derek Jeter's anger at the press conference announcing his new contract is misplaced, and he should be ecstatic to get the contract he receivedMatthews also says if Jeter was sour over the negotiations, wait until he hears from GM Brian Cashman and manager Joe Girardi that he isn't fit to lead off or play short stop every day.

Manchester City's Carlos Tevez sure changed his mind about being on the right side of Manchester after leaving United in the summer of 2009.  Nevermind that he was scoring with great regularity, that the team is improving greatly and a threat to win titles, or that he is the highest paid player on the team, or that he's the team's captain, he wants out in the January transfer window because, in the end, it really is all about Carlos Tevez.  Shame really, he's a fantastic player who works hard, but clearly is a bit of a headcase.

Remember the giant controversy over the Dallas Cowboys scoreboard being too low and punts hitting it?  Well, it hasn't happened in a regular season game yet.

Las Vegas over/under on New York Knicks wins this season was set at 35.5. They'd reach 36 by going only 20-37 rest of way

Jose Canseco is going off the deep end any moment now, if he hasn't already. Check out his tweet at the right.

NBC Sports looks at the Cliff Lee signing by the Philadelphia Phillies and says it is too early to pencil them into the World Series.
Cliff Lee is the first major free agent the New York Yankees targeted in 20 years (Greg Maddux being the last) that the Yankees missed out on.  Pretty decent track record, and pretty decent record over the last twenty years.  So far, the Yankees Plan B includes Canadian catcher Russell Martin - nice - and Mark Prior, a big reach albeit with no risk on a minor league deal.

The first time Toronto Raptor Jose Caleron missed a game due to soreness, I was impressed because nobody had ever to my knowledge missed a game before for that reason.  History is always impressive, no?  After that, I started to question his toughness.  The times after that - I've lost count - I started to think maybe I was being too harsh.  Who could expect a guy with a contract pushing eight figures a year to show up for work and play through a boo-boo?  And now that he's missed another road trip, well, I'll say it: he's a pussy.


hi said...

You have to admit Jeter played that well. Jeter should have been in marketing. The guy's a PR genius.

TB said...

Shame he's not a defensive wizard, ridiculous Golden Glove 2010 notwithstanding.

B. Kennedy said...

100% agree on the Calderon comments.

Best part about it? Jerryd Bayless has been freaking unbelievable in Jose's absence, making this the third backup (Jarrett Jack, Marcus Banks, Jerryd Bayless) who have made us not miss the highest-paid guy on the team at all. It'll be tough to keep Bayless off the floor with how he's played in Hose's absence.