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Thursday, December 16, 2010

For a change, a brief one

The NFL's lead negotiator says that the key piece in their view towards labour piece is an 18-game schedule.  So here's how this play's out: the NFL wants to ratchet down the percentage paid out to players.  The players don't want to lose money.  So throw them a little cut on the former, with a gain on the latter thanks to an additional 12.5% on the schedule, mix in some better benefits and pension upon retirement, see a season in 2011. 

Orlando Magician Dwight Howard says his days in the Slam Dunk Contest are done.  Also done?  The Slam Dunk Contest.  Long past due.

Not sure who owns this Cleveland Browns bus, but it sure is awesome.

The Phillies now have as many players making $20 million or more (Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay, Ryan Howard) as the New York Yankees (Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia).  Unlike the rest, only Sabathia and Texeira are under 30.  Think this Phillies fan is a bit excited that Lee is back in town?  Do not look at that link if you've got vertigo.

Refreshing hearing UFC boss Dana White muse on the judging in sports and shake his head and say "ours have to be the worst" during a visit to the George Strombolopolous show a couple days ago.  You'd never hear boxing, figure skating or others that rely on judges ever criticize their judges like that. Of course, it is each commission that provides the judges, not the UFC

The Sports Pickle looks at what being a fan of certain teams says about you.

The San Francisco 49ers are the sacrificial lamb being served up tonight in Thursday night NFL action when they visit the San Diego Chargers.  It may seem a suckers bet for how easy it appears, but we're playing the Bolts -9.5 tonight, and you should too.

Wild brawl in Russia's KHL, all of six seconds into the game.  I'm sure it wasn't pre-planned or staged in any way, it is just the passion that can errupt in a game that is six seconds old.


hi said...

Looks like the red team had planned on it and caught the other team on a surprise. Bitch move, I'd say.

I always thought the all-star weekend would be much better with centers and power forwards doing the skills competition and sub-par shooters doing the three-point shootout.

bukkake said...

Awwww, golly gee, shucks.

What do you think the odds are "The Old Cock Texter" has "one more miracle in him" and is able to make it on to the field and cry and wave while the announcers verbally masturbate him?

It's all so rehearsed and old by now... bet your last dollar that this fuckwad "comes back" in Week 17 for his "farewell".

Fucking douchebag.