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Friday, December 17, 2010

Check out the absolutely incredible headkick by Anthony Pettis last night in his WEC 53 bout with Ben Henderson, in what may have been the best MMA fight I've ever, ever seen.  That'll be the last WEC event as that organization and its array of lightning fast, small fighters gets folded into parent company UFC in 2011.  Pettis won the wild bout with Henderson in a five round decision.

The Champions League draw for the round of 16 games went off this morning, and here's what we've got: AS Roma-Shakhtar, a lock-to-be-entertaining AC Milan-Tottenham Spurs matchup, Valencia-Schalke, Inter Milan-Bayern Munich in a rematch of the 2010 final, Lyon-Real Madrid, a juicy Arsenal-Barcelona matchup, Marseille-Manchester United, and FC Copenhagen-Chelsea.

The 50 dirtiest players in sports history, complete with video evidence.  Love it.

Finally, that overpaid, sack and interception prone Minnesota Vikings QB has been put on the IR and is done for the year.  No, not Brett Favre unfortunately, the other one.

Just in case you missed Boston Celtic Nate Robinson's face plant in New York a couple nights ago, here it is. 

We mentioned a few days back that the New York Yankees are taking a flyer on Mark Prior.  Great tweet from Joel Sherman of the New York Post: "Story from March 4, 2011: Prior looks great in #Yankees camp. Story from March 22, 2011, Prior to see Dr. James Andrews."  Not exactly a reach, is it?

Christmas wishes, delivered by Chicago White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen, as only he could possibly deliver them.

What is it with them Terry boys and other guys women?  First John Terry, Chelsea captain, gets with then-teammate Wayne Bridge's ex, creating severe tension and a split from the English national team for Bridge, and now we get word that JT's brother Paul was having an affair with a lady whose boyfriend was - you guessed it - a teammate of Paul's, who then proceeded to hang himself.  Their mom will be so proud at Christmas!

HBO has always been known as an envelope pushing network in terms of the content it runs.  But Washington Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau is taking the language to levels that The Sopranos, Entourage and Boardwalk Empire might find embarrassing in the new series 24/7 that follows the Caps and Pittsburgh Penguins around ahead of their New Year's Day Winter ClassicMore here.


hi said...

It's a shame that Real Madrid and Arsenal have to go out so early.

TB said...

You think Lyon punks Real? Can't see it happening, not with Real not having any noteworthy guys at risk of suspension (heyooooooooooo!).

hi said...

2006 - Real Madrid meets Lyon in first round of the Champions League bracket. Real is eliminated.
2006 - Real Madrid meets Lyon in first round of the Champions League bracket. Real is eliminated.
2010 - Real Madrid meets Lyon in first round of the Champions League bracket. Real is eliminated.

The result is inevitable.