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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday Night Football is back

The NFL's run of Thursday games starts tonight with the Baltimore Ravens visiting the Atlanta Falcons. Suspect the bookmakers got the line wrong here as the Falcons are -1.5. I'd be surprised if the Ravens lost this one at all.

The New Orleans Hornets are a perfect 7-0 at this early stage of the NBA season. Anybody saw that coming?

I'm sure the Miami Heat blowing a 20-point third quarter lead to the Utah Jazz didn't make anybody smile on Tuesday night. Or not.

New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman made a trip to Arkansas yesterday to meet with free agent prize pitcher Cliff Lee. Word is Lee is looking for a CC Sabathia-like deal of seven years and $161 million. That ought to trim the field from the reported seven or eight teams said to be interested. Get 'er done, Cash.

Monday's start of the NCAA season will see the ESPN family of networks broadcast 28 games over 24 hours. And here I thought Canada loved hockey. That's insane.

If you're an MMA fan at all, The Score will be airing the second last WEC card tonight at 9pm Eastern before they're folded into owner UFC's brand. Look for yours truly in the 15th row if you're watching.

A nice development in the pro soccer ranks: fewer and fewer teams are putting the ball out of play when an opponent is down. It was a nice sporting touch in the early days when guys were legitimately hurt in challenges (collisions or tackles for the uninitiated). But as some turned it into strategy to kill the flow of games, it turned into a farce. Good to see teams now leave the decision to halt play for injury in the hands of the officials.

Derek Jeter won the Gold Glove for the American League, which even this Yankee fan will say is comical. Elvis Andrus was far more deserving. As for Robinson Cano and Mark Teixera: no question. Best at their spots hands down.

Have you seen those "Shake Weight" ads? Most ridiculously hilarious thing I've ever seen. Not at all suggestive. Google it if you are wondering.

The NHL is changing its all-star format. It will have elected captains who will then pick the teams. At least the lead-up will be more interesting than the game then. If that eliminates fan voting, then that's a definite improvement.

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