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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Derby time in Manchester

Things will get heated in Manchester today with cross-town rivals Man City hosting Man United in English Premier League action.

There are six teams remaining in the CFL Grey Cup hunt. The Argos are the long shot at 16-1, pretty long odds for so few teams remaining. Message being sent by Vegas? Clearly.

Crazy story regarding Auburn QB Cam Newton, Heisman candidate, and talk he was paid $180,000 to go to Auburn. The best part of the story is Florida coach Urban Meyer - he of the 30+ players arrested during his tenure - denying that it was him that floated the story to the media.

Another night of inept offense - read "non-existant" - for the Toronto Maple Leafs. I get that Ron Wilson and Brian Burke point to the first line as being the biggest culprits, but even an average team will shut down Phil Kessel et al when the other three lines pose almost no threat to score at all. Sure the Leafs defense is improved, but last I checked, you can't win if you don't score, and too often, the Leafs generate nothing. The Leafs were beat 4-0 by the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Carolina 7 - Edmonton 1. Ouch.

The NBA best hope its TV deals remain strong. Too many games I flipped by last night with gaping sections of empty seats, Milwaukee and New Orleans especially. Speaking of empty seats, imagine there will be a few in Toronto tonight with the 1-6 Raptors hosting the 1-6 Charlotte Bobcats.

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