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Monday, November 8, 2010

Great sign - at right - from the San Francisco Giants championship parade last week.

The beatings just keep getting worse - and by worse, I mean hilarious - for the Dallas Cowboys.  Since Tony Romo went down three weeks back, the Cowboys have given up 114 points in a little over 10 quarters.  And this from an alleged defensive coach named Wade PhillipsJerry Jones may not want to pay a coach for next year if the league goes into a lockout, but surely even he can't take repeated embarrassments for a team that has obviously quit.  What else could it be if you're going to get pounded 45-7 on Sunday Night Football?  Jones is meeting with his "coaching staff" today.

The Arizona Cardinals have 8 TD's scored this year on kick, punt or interception returns. They have 6 scored by conventional means.  Might explain partly why they're investigating a deal for Donovan McNabb.  Guess they don't worry about his "cardio fitness" like the Washington Redskins do.

Tweets @benmaller: Phil Jackson on Raptors w/out Bosh: "We played them once last year and it felt like Bosh wasn't there, like he was in Miami".  For his part, Bosh is trying to find his game and fit in.  Here's hoping much failure for he and his teammates.

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