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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Most NFL eyes will be focused on Philadelphia today, where Donovan McNabb makes his return with the rival Washington Redskins to face the Eagles, led by Michael Vick at QB. Guessing when McNabb lobbied Eagles management to bring Vick in, he probably didn't figure it would end this way.

Why the Boston Red Sox could bounce back real strong next year: they had their full lineup for only eight games all year.  Presumably, they don't have Josh Beckett and John Lackey combine for a 4.99 ERA next year either.

Girl power?  A recent graduate at Duke produced a PowerPoint that has gone public detailing all her hook-ups, including several with known athletes at the school, and breaking each down into impressive detail on conversations, crank size and so on.  Funny that she deducted points for "rudeness or being Canadian".

Pittsburgh Steeler Hines Ward says that 18-game NFL seasons will shorten careers.  Wait a minute.  You mean to tell me that if you have a limited quantity of something and you increase the frequency with which you do it, said quantity disappears more readily?   Smart man, that Hines.  Guess he didn't figure out that shorter careers also lead to fewer contracts leading to more controllable salary scales.  Ultimately, people don't care if a guy plays five years or six, as long as the guy coming in is perceived to be as good or better.  Looking forward to someone reminding Ward his blind-side "blocks" also shorten careers.

The New York Mets are finally going to do what most have expected for well over the last year: they're going to tie a can to GM Omar Minaya and manager Jerry Manuel.  Somewhere, Joe Torre is placing phone calls.

Lord Alan Sugar, a prominent government member in England, spoke on foreign ownership of English Premier League teams and said he has fears over the futures of Liverpool and Manchester United, both heavily leveraged by their owners and paying massive sums just to cover off interest payments.  He raises some good, an ominous, points.

Steve Davis at looks at Toronto FC's Dwayne De Rosario's act last week and how it illustrates the problems of the "designated player" rule in the MLS, which allows teams to sign three players that only count for a limited number against the salary cap.

Bill Simmons - The Sports Guy - took some real heat for a column saying that he was rooting for Michael Vick and talked of the hypocrisy of people - himself included - in condemning his dog fighting ways.  For those that don't have ESPN Insider, I'll include this Deadspin piece on it that includes the key points.  The last point on his having paid his debt and seemingly being rehabilitated is dead on in my book.

Playing the New York Giants tonight at -3.5 as the Prime Time Pick.  Not loving that one, but always like to take a team in a pretty desperate situation at home, particularly when facing a team that has overachieved this year in the Chicago Bears and coming off a short week after their Monday Night win over Green Bay.  The Giants have out-gained their opponent in their two losses so far, and if Eli Manning can stop turning the ball over, they should take care of business tonight.

Off to Buffalo. Go Bills!

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