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Friday, October 8, 2010

OHB exposed

For months now, there have been rumors about Brett Favre being less than the faithful husband while he was in New York with the Jets.  Well, what a coincidence then that just days before Favre and his Minnesota Vikings are to visit the Jets on Monday Night, out comes voicemails with someone who, if it isn't Favre, is one great impersonator who is creeping on a 25-year old Jets sideline reporter, and knows a lot about the Jets staff, and, well, there are some pecker shots text messaged as well.  Deadspin provides the evidence.  Wonder if Roger Goodell, umm, cock blocks Favre?   Note: this is the first time he's been referred to by name in these parts in over two years.  Wanted there to be no confusion who was being referred to.  There's video below of Favre getting asked about the reports at the bottom.

The San Francisco Giants opened their playoff series with the Atlanta Braves with a 1-0 win, led by Tim Lincecum's 14 strikeouts.  I predicted that would be a really low scoring series, but didn't figure on a 1-0 game.

The Tampa Bay Rays are done, for all intents and purposes.  After dropping game one at home, they came back and were lifeless in a 6-0 whitewash at the hands of the Texas Rangers.  Now, I routinely hammer the five game set as being not a legitimate test when a team just played 162 to get there, but the way the Rays are playing, they might even prefer if it was a 2-of-3 and call it a day.

Then there are the New York Yankees and their wholly owned subsidiary, the Minnesota Twins.  The Yanks won again last night, 5-2, to run their record in Minnesota to 7-0 in playoff games.  The Twins have had 11 leads in the last seven playoff games against the Yanks and have blown every one of them, losing all those games.  They weren't so unfortunate last night as the Yanks went wire to wire with another strong Andy Pettitte playoff performance.  For those that haven't been paying attention, Curtis Granderson is on fire the last month plus.  Since 1997, there have been 66 playoff saves of greater than one inning pitched, and Mariano Rivera has 31 of them.  31 of Rivera's 41 career playoff saves are more than one inning pitched.  He might or might not get the most saves record, but is there any doubt he's the best there is, was or ever will be?

Up today,  Cincinnati tries to get a hit in Philly at 6:07, and the Atlanta Braves try to score a run in game two of their series in San Francisco, 9:37 first pitch, all times Eastern.

The Buffalo Bills will be blacked out for the first time since 2006, with 12,000 tickets left unsold.  What, the entire world doesn't want to see them host Jacksonville?

What is it with wives, present and former, of Roberto Alomor saying that he had unprotected sex with them as an HIV carrier?  Maybe that's why the current wife is divorcing him?

Former Tampa Bay Buc Derrick Ward gets off one of the blasts a team never wants to hear: his former teams doesn't actually want to win.  Ouch.

Yep, as predicted, Facebook is on fire with lame Leafs and Habs smack, as if one game in early October means a bloody thing.  Word is the Leafs won 3-2?

This is called "winning a trade": the New England Patriots gave up a 4th round pick for Randy Moss when they acquired him.  A few years later, they dealt him for a 3rd rounder.

Check out the Vikings press conference yesterday in which the subject of Brett Favre's stalking voicemails and more came up.  Love that he said "I've got my hands full".  Sure did!  Haven't seen someone haul that hard off a water bottle since Roger Clemens was getting grilled after his steroid allegations came up.

I'm really happy for Roy Halladay, who by all accounts is as solid a guy as he is a pitcher.  But the world did not need this.  Dude did it in his mirror, no less.

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